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How COVID-19 Impacts CCTV Operators

How COVID-19 Impacts CCTV Operators


As of Friday, July 24th it will be mandatory to wear face masks in England when going to shops, similar to how implemented on Public Transport.

Although it is a necessary safety precaution against COVID-19, have you ever wondered how facial coverings impact CCTV Footage?

What exactly does this challenge mean for CCTV Operators?

Mask Challenges for CCTV Operators

As perhaps suggested, traditional CCTV Footage is becoming less and less valid because facial coverings are becoming widely required.

Some challenges that CCTV Operators may experience could include;

– Analysing emotion and facial expressions

– Recognising individuals that may have been previously banned

– Identifying someone that has stolen or committed other crime(s)

– Muffled Audio

You get the point.. People are simply becoming more difficult to identify due to the necessary use of masks. 

Facial Recognition Technology

Automatic Facial Recognition Softwares have caught on with Law Enforcement throughout the world. Following, the UK Government has announced that it is investing roughly £4.6 million on upgrading facial recognition software.

Amarjot Singh at the University of Cambridge has designed an algorithm to locate 14 key facial recognition points.

The algorithm is said to have successfully identified up to 77% of people wearing “disguises”.

Because this technology is so new, it’s hard to say how accurate the readings will be with time. However, investigation findings are said to be released in October.  

The result of this new software could mean that CCTV Operators may require additional software training, with role expectations potentially being set to a higher standard. 

Thermal Imaging Technology

As you may have heard, Thermal Imaging has also been introduced to the UK Security System.

Companies such as Bullitt and Vodafone UK have contributed their developments, creating camera products that are designed to capture the temperature of people from a distance. 

There are points that argue both the positives and negatives of thermal imaging. Though, some suggest that at the very least, thermal imaging could help prevent a ‘second wave’ from occurring.

Similar to how Facial Recognition Technology may impact the Security Industry, Thermal Imaging may also mean additional training for CCTV Operators.

The future CCTV Operators

The CCTV Sector is about to face many new challenges and technological shifts.

Now more than ever, you must explore the options available to upskill and learn new information.

If you are a CCTV Operator and are concerned about the changes coming to the industry, keeping up to date with the upcoming technology is a great way to help ensure that you are ahead of the curve.

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