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How to earn extra money at Security events?

How to earn extra money at Security events?


The UK has successfully dealt with Covid-19 and as restrictions have eased, exciting events have made a comeback. With over 500 upcoming events, ranging from food festivals to Christmas parties, demand for security personnel is bound to increase. 

As demand increases, the expected price of security personnel also increases, especially at a time when the whole of the UK is facing staffing shortages. 

As a security professional, here’s how you can earn more at events:

1.Get Licenced

To earn more, you need to gain skills that give you an edge over other candidates. Event organisers prefer to hire licensed personnel to ensure that events run smoothly. If you are interested to work at events, getting an SIA licence can increase your chances of employment as well as enable you to earn more. 

2. Get Certifications

At large events, the probability of an undesirable event is high. For example, concerts can be overcrowded and people can get hurt or suffocate by being in a crowded space. In such situations, security professionals can be handy if they have First Aid Training. They can help individuals suffering due to shortness of breath or any injury caused at the event. The SIA has made First Aid Training a mandatory part of the SIA renewal process. This certification makes you more valuable to employers and helps you earn more as well. 

3. Close protection 

Close Protection Officer provides security to high profile celebrities, athletes and famous personalities. This position comes with high risk, so a Close Protection Officer goes through exhaustive training prior to starting their career. Due to the nature of this career, a Close protection Officer has the potential to earn the highest salary in the security industry. In the UK, you can earn up to £40.00  per hour as an experienced Close Protection Officer. 

Now that you know how to earn more at events, take a look at the list of upcoming events that we have compiled for you. 

Most awaited events of 2021

  1. London Fashion Week 
  2. The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race 
  3. St. Georges Day
  4. Brighton Festival 
  5. The Emirates FA Cup Final 
  6. Birmingham Pride
  7. Queen’s Birthday 
  8. Isle of Wight Festival
  9. Wimbledon Tennis Championships 
  10. Taste of London Festival
  11. Pride in London 
  12. Formula 1 British Grand Prix 
  13. Edinburgh Art Festival 
  14. British Science Festival
  15. Bonfire Night-Britain wide
  16. St. Andrews Day
  17. Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park
  18. Leeds International Film Festival
  19. Turner Prize 
  20. Hogmanay

Working at any of these events can help you earn the extra cash you need. Remember, money is not everything, you will also gain experience and skills from the exposure you get by working at events, so always look at the bigger picture. 

To find exciting job opportunities for upcoming events, download our Get Licensed app! 


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