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6 reasons to learn first aid in the Security Industry

6 reasons to learn first aid in the Security Industry


A study by the British Red Cross found that eight in ten adults (85%) don’t have the knowledge or confidence to act if someone wasn’t breathing. The Study also found that only five per cent of adults in the UK would have the confidence and the knowledge to help someone who is bleeding heavily. This means that one in twenty people wouldn’t know what to do if they were faced with a first aid emergency. Working in the Security Industry we are often faced with emergencies so the chance of needing first aid skills is much higher. Here are our 6 reasons to learn first aid in the Security Industry.

Danger is always around the corner

Whether working as a Security Guard or as a Door Supervisor you may be in an environment with lots of people especially in nighttime environments, like bars and clubs. A Door Supervisor may need to be alert to treat injuries, falls or something more serious. Having the training to quickly deal with these scenarios is invaluable. Being alert and knowing what to do is a huge reason to learn first aid.

Be a hero

Recently there has been a lot of coverage of people working in the Security Industry saving lives through quick thinking action. Keeping people safe is a huge part of a Security Guard’s or Door Supervisor’s role and the feeling that you’ve made such a huge difference can’t be beaten.

Life Saver

Of all the reasons to learn first aid this one is probably the most important. Following an incident or an emergency the first few minutes are vitally important. Whether someone receives first aid treatment can be the difference between recovery and serious injury and in really serious circumstances can be the difference between life and death. Studies have found that if someone suffers a heart attack their survival rates are increased by over 70% if they receive immediate first aid assistance.

Job prospects

Finding a job can be really tough and anything that makes your CV stand out will give you an advantage. Laws in the UK mean that workplaces that meet certain requirements need to have people with first aid training. If you are already trained this can make you a really attractive hire.

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Confidence in an emergency

Emergency situations can definitely up your stress levels and it can be easy to panic. Especially if there are multiple things to deal with, knowing that you’ve got first aid covered means that you can remain calm and deal with the situation.


Knowing first aid means that people will look to you for advice in situations and experience in this can even help with more senior roles in more challenging environments.

There are 6 reasons to learn first aid, what’s your reason for not?

The Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate, also known as the EFAW Certificate, shows that you have completed the necessary First Aid training and are able to provide emergency treatment in the event of an individual injuring themselves or falling ill.

These courses can be taken on their own or added to your Door Supervisor course.

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