Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate

The Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate allows the holder to legally provide emergency first aid treatment in the United Kingdom.


Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)

VALID FOR 3 years

Complete the EFAW Training Course

Assessed by class participation
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What is the Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate?

The Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate, also known as the EFAW Certificate, shows that you have completed the necessary First Aid training and are able to provide emergency treatment in the event of an individual injuring themselves or falling ill.


The EFAW Certificate is valid for 3 years and is issued by your First Aid training provider. As a Certified Emergency First Aider, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge to respond effectively to emergencies both in the workplace and beyond.


Is it a legal requirement for employers to have staff first aid trained?

For some employers it is a legal requirement to have individuals with the Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate. Such requirements are outlined in an employer's HSE risk assessment.


There are also different types of First Aid Training depending on your working environment i.e. where you work and who you work with.


For example, if you work in an area that is considered high-risk, like a workshop, you require the more in depth in-depth First Aid at Work Certificate. In the same way, if you work in an environment with children, you require the Paediatric First Aid Certificate.


⚠️ REMEMBER - It is an employers legal responsibility to provide first aid care to injured or unwell staff (as per the Health and Safety Regulations of 1981)



To be eligible for an Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate, you need to be at least 16 years old and have completed the 1-day EFAW training course.

How to get the Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate

To get your EFAW Certificate, there is really only one step. 


✅ Complete the EFAW Training Course  

The training course runs over 1-day and is assessed through class participation by the certified tutor.


Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate Training Course

To obtain the Emergency First Aid At Work Certificate and become a Certified Emergency First Aider at your workplace, you need to complete the EFAW training course.


It only takes 1-day and involves a mix of theory and practical work. There is no exam at the end of the course and it is assessed during class by the certified tutor.


The training will cover the following areas:


✅ Priorities in First Aid

✅ Control of Bleeding

✅ Epilepsy

✅ Poisoning

✅ Burns and Scalds


Cost of the Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate

The Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate comes as part of the EFAW Training Course. This means that there is no additional cost to obtain the certificate, as the price is already factored into the training cost.

EFAW Certificate Renewal

To renew or refresh your Emergency at Work First Aid Certificate, you will need to take the EFAW training course again once it has expired after 3 years. This is so you are aware of new techniques and advancements which will help you provide more effective treatment.

First Aid Online Training

A free online course is available for those who wish to undertake basic training in first aid for the workplace.


⚠️ IMPORTANT - This online course is suitable for those wishing to gain basic knowledge of first aid and does not qualify you to work as a first rider.


To obtain an Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate, you will need to attend additional practical training and an assessment in a classroom. The online course and classroom practical training and assessment meets all guidelines and the resulting qualification is recognised by the HSE.



To become an Emergency at Work Certified First Aider, you need to attend the 1-day training course. You will receive your EFAW Certificate upon completing the course.
Your Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate is part of your training and its cost is already factored in. 
Your Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate expires 3 years from the date you completed your training.
To renew your First Aid Certificate, you will need to take the course again once it has expired. This is so your skills and knowledge are up to date to enable you to provide the best treatment.
To be eligible for an EFAW Certificate, you need to be at least 16 years old. You can take the training from the age of 14, but can’t receive a certificate.
Emergency First Aid At Work (EFAW) is the most common type of First Aid Training. It takes 1-day and prepares you to respond in emergency situations by providing the relevant treatment. The training consists of important theory followed by practical work where you will use dummies and other equipment. Some of the things you will learn include how to control bleeding, treat burns and administer CPR.
The three most popular first aid training courses are Emergency First Aid At Work (1-day), First Aid At Work (3-days) and Paediatric First Aid (2-days). What training you choose depends on the environment that you work in and who you work with. For example, if you work in a high risk environment, like a construction site, you will require the 3-day First Aid At Work training. In the same way, if you work with children, you will need the paediatric first aid. It is best to speak with your employer to identify the kind of training required.
Depending on your employer and where you work, it could be a legal requirement. Some factors which are part of this include the risk assessment and size of the workforce.
The Emergency First Aid at Work Training Course is assessed during the class and does not have an exam at the end. As long as you follow what is being taught and are able to demonstrate what you have learnt, you pass on the same day.
Unfortunately this not possible as government legislation states that First Aid Training can only be delivered in person.
Employers rate First Aid Training very highly and it can really make you stand out as a candidate. It is also a valuable skill that can save lives. In some cases, First Aid Training is a legal requirement for certain employers. Therefore, already having the training automatically makes you a stronger candidate.
First Aid Training makes you more employable as many businesses look for certified candidates. It is also a useful skill for everyday life. For some employers, it is a legal requirement to have certified first aiders available. Ultimately, the First Aid Training course is designed to make you an efferent first aider and to provide basic life and first aid care.
The regulation states that it is the employer’s responsibility to provide sufficient First Aid support to injured or unwell staff. This includes having enough trained first aiders and access to necessary equipment to treat affected employees.