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Home Door Supervisor Why Do Security Professionals Need Action Counters Terrorism Skills?
Why Do Security Professionals Need Action Counters Terrorism Skills?

Why Do Security Professionals Need Action Counters Terrorism Skills?


It’s incredible to think that we recently passed the 20-year anniversary of 9/11. The world was shaken forever by the tragic events of 11th September 2001. Even two decades later, security professionals are trained to stay hyper-aware of terrorism risks. It’s why the SIA has put Action Counters Terrorism skills in training courses for door supervisors, security guards and other specialists.

While security professionals have always been encouraged to look for risks of terrorist activity, the changes brought in by the SIA have brought Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) into stronger focus.

As we mark two long and unpredictable decades passing since a horrible terrorist act, let’s explore why security professionals need ACT training – and how to add it to your existing skillset on the job.

What do Action Counters Terrorism skills involve?

Whether you’re a newly trained security professional, or are going on your SIA Top-Up Training course, you’re bound to come across ACT. The SIA has released e-learning material designed to give you Action Counters Terrorism skills to use in your security work.


The world has changed fast, and security professionals are the eyes and ears we trust the most to keep us safe. It’s understandable why ACT e-learning is a mandatory part of Top-Up Training for security professionals today.

Action Counters Terrorism skills for security professionals include:

  • the role of a security operative in counter terrorism
  • current terrorist attack methods
  • identifying and responding to suspicious activity
  • incident response planning
  • responding to a terrorist incident

How ACT training keeps your skills sharp

As a security professional, everyone relies on you to protect people and property. That means you need to keep flexing your knowledge, the same way you build strength in a muscle by working it out.

Avoiding your skills fading is very important. Even though security professionals are in huge demand today, you want to earn the biggest salary you can. To do that, you need to stay at the top of your game in security know-how.

ACT e-learning has been designed by the SIA to be completed in just over an hour. It’s carried out online, and will let you save your progress as you move through the material. That’s great, because it means you can fit the learning around your other commitments.


Use Action Counters Terrorism skills to level up your security work

As some of you may already know, ACT is a strategy by the UK government to prevent terrorism, and it’s open to everyone. For example, people who think someone could be becoming radicalised or is planning an act of terrorism can speak up to the authorities. Taking proactive action at the right time could be all it takes to save countless lives.

The difference for security professionals is that, as part of your job, you need specialised training to keep earning. You’re on the frontlines day in and day out, and your attention to detail and ability to prevent crimes before they’re even committed is so important.

Remember, the consequences for not spotting the details in time can be pretty horrendous. The sad truth is that, even 20 years after a major terrorist attack, extremists from every walk of life are out there.

With the right training and fresh skills, you can stop them in their tracks.

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