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Meet Steven. Steven is a Door Supervisor working in the Kingston Upon Thames – a role in which he has only been working in for just under three months after swapping his M&S retail uniform for the fluorescent jacket of the security industry. Being newly licenced, Steven is still pretty new to the industry, as he gives us his initial impressions of what it is like to work in the security sector and the challenges he has encountered since embarking on his new career.

Why did you become a Door Supervisor after working in retail?

I chose to become a Door Supervisor because I saw the security team in my last role where I was working as Team Leader in Marks & Spencer in the retail industry and always took a more fascinated interest into what they were doing as opposed to my own department. I found myself always looking for a new challenge and I wasn’t finding that in my previous job in retail so I decided it was time to finally pursue the security industry and get myself licensed.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part about the job has to be the thrill of working in the unknown. Unlike working in retail, as a Door Supervisor we come into work and don’t know what is going to happen in any one given day. I also love interacting with the customers because they can be real fun to be around, especially after they have had a few couple of drinks.

What’s the most difficult part of the job?

While I love being around the customers, they can also be the most difficult part of the job. Once they become overly intoxicated and we have to ask them to leave, we never know how they will react.

What does your typical day look like compared to working in the retail industry?

A typical day would involve arriving to work and signing in for my shift with my badge number so our supervisors know that we are here, and then getting together our equipment needed for the day, such as radio and earpiece. From that point on we are then assigned positions within the premise where we are then expected to take up those designated positions and watch out for intoxicated customers in protecting the licence of the premise. For the most part the night can be relatively peaceful, however, the night can also take unexpected twists.

Watch the FULL VIDEO interview exclusively with Get Licensed where the former Marks & Spencer retail worker talks more about his transition from working behind the till to being on guard, as he takes us through the training which led him to his new role and his advice for those who are looking to kick-start a career within the security industry.

Article Name
What Made This Retail Worker Become A Door Supervisor?
Swapping his retail uniform for a fluorescent Door Supervisor jacket, Steven talks us through why he made the jump from M&S to the front line.
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