Tree Felling Licence

Cutting down a tree isn’t as simple as getting an ax and chopping some wood. To fell a tree, you will need a licence.


Tree felling licence


Forestry Commission

VALID FOR 10 years

Documentation required

details about you the applicant
map information that shows the extent of where the proposed felling will take place.

Application for Tree Felling Licence

Applications to be made via Forestry Commission
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What is a tree felling licence?

Issued by the Forestry Commission, a tree felling licence is required when projects demand that trees need be cut down and removed within a designated area.


We make having a tree Felling licence a simple, stress-free process


A tree felling licence ensures that health and safety measures are being followed and that Arborists are trained efficiently in the removal and cutting down of trees.

The removal of trees may be required in a number of scenarios, including the construction and building of the property, and removing trees for safety purposes.

A tree felling licence also maintains and helps to protect Britain's trees and woodland, ensuring that illegal removal of tree activity is prosecuted.



What is an arborist?

The job of an Arborist, also known as a Tree Surgeon is to prune, hedge and remove trees. As well as the removal of trees, they may also be responsible for keeping trees healthy, planting trees and landscaping.

Being an Arborist would suit an individual who enjoys outdoor life, you need to be prepared to work outdoors in all conditions, including extreme weather conditions.

Those looking to develop a career as an Arborist are advised to complete the Tree Felling Course in which they will learn the various techniques required to maintain and detach trees, including how to operate chainsaws and the safe use of a Powered Pole Pruner.



How to apply for a tree felling licence

You can apply for a Tree Felling Licence via the Official UK Government Website.

Anyone can apply for a felling licence, but the licence must be issued in the name of the owner or lessee of the property.




Yes. If a tree is cut down without a felling licence, the individual or group involved can be prosecuted.
In general, trees growing on your own property can be cut down, however, it is always advised to contact your local council to seek authorisation as the tree or trees in question may have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) in place. Individuals looking to remove trees from their property should always seek the professional service of an Arborist.
A Tree Preservation Order is a written order created by a local planning authority that gives protections to trees that provide amenity value to the public. To remove a tree under a Tree Preservation Order, even if it is on your property, will require a tree felling licence.
Yes. In some circumstances, a felling licence can be issued to someone who is not the owner or lessee but who has sufficient legal interest in the land. However, they must be able to demonstrate that they can fell the trees without the need to get permission from anyone else.
No, there are some expectations in which a felling tree licence may not be required, however, this will depend on a number of situations, including the location of the project, the type of tree work involved, and other legal and statutory undertakings. However, in most scenarios, a tree felling licence is required, with the probability of not requiring one unlikely.

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