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Under the sea lies a world full of beauty, mystery, and enchantment, which is why it is of great importance to safeguard and maintain marine life and preserve the aquatic plants and wildlife that live in the ocean. A Marine Licence is required when construction work and activity will be taking a base on the seabed.


Marine Licence


Marine Management Organisation

ELIGIBILITY 18+ years, right to work in UK

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Successfully pass environmental impact assessment
Supplement of public liability insurance
Supplement of risk assessment
Supplement of supporting documents
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What is a Marine Licence?

Not anyone can just dive into the sea and start construction work when they feel like it. This is why a Marine Licence is required to ensure that all aquatic plants and wildlife that exist in the sea are preserved and protected when construction work is taking place.


We make having a marine licence a simple, stress-free process


The kind of construction work that could take place may include if you are depositing or removing any substance or object in the sea, as well as clearing the seabed of mud, weeds, and rubbish with a dredge.

In England, the marine licensing authority is the Marine Management Organisation, also referred to as the MMO. The MMO hold has licensing powers under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009.



How much is a Marine Licence?

Marine licence applications are assessed and categorised into fee bands with the price of a licence being determined by the activities in which you will be conducting. For example, a licence needed for a burial at sea will be far less expensive than a licence required to use explosives on a seabed.

A full list of fee bands and prices for a Marine Licence can be found on the Official UK Government Website.



How to apply for a Marine Licence

You can apply for a Marine Licence via the Official Marine Management Organisation Website.


REMEMBER: All applications will need to be assessed by an environmental impact assessment carried out by the Marine Management Organisation before a licence can be approved. 




If you are looking to perform construction projects or any other kind of activity that will involve being under the sea, then a Marine Licence will be required.
No. If your works and projects are solely above mean sea level then you will not be required to apply for a Marine Licence but you may need planning permission. You can check if you need planning permission by checking with your local authority.
Marine Licences are authorised by the Marine Management Organisation who is the official licensing authority for Marine activates in England.

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