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SIA Top-Up for Door Supervisors Upskilling Course Training in London-Croydon

Never miss out on Croydon security jobs with your SIA Top-Up Training for Door Supervisors Upskilling Course.

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SIA Licence Top-Up Upskilling Courses in London-Croydon

Croydon security jobs are always in demand, especially when there’s the rest of London to potentially work in too. Whether you provide security for shops, pubs, clubs or events, SIA Top-Up Training Courses in London-Croydon are now something every security professional needs to consider.


Thanks to the changes in what the SIA needs you to know when holding an SIA Licence for doing Croydon security work, Top-Up Training in London-Croydon prepares you for the next step in your career.


Understanding these SIA changes helps the security industry to equip security professionals like you with the best skills and knowledge for the challenges facing modern London. For example, security jobs in Croydon and all over the UK now need you to be qualified in first aid. Top-Up Training gives you this, as well as skills in crowd control, specialised equipment and best practices for the pandemic.


SIA Licence Top-Up Upskill Training in London-Croydon ensures you have the skills that security employers are looking for. Remember, these skills are legally required to renew your SIA Licence too, and that means you could risk not having a valid licence, and therefore not working, if you don’t top up in time.

No need to feel stressed about it though. It only takes 2 days to do your Top-Up Training, and if you make sure to do it well before renewing your SIA Licence, you’ve got nothing to worry about.


Take action and stay working. 2 days of Top-Up Training in London-Croydon, which also includes extra e-learning, gives you the skills to work in security all over the UK.


Croydon has so many of the perks of London, but also plenty of its own businesses, events and locations to protect. London-Croydon SIA Top-Up Upskilling Training helps you do that, just in time to step up and take advantage of massive growth in demand for qualified security professionals all over the UK.


Get noticed by that next employer

SIA Top-Up Upskilling Training gives you the skills employers want for London security work. You’ll have all the qualifications you need to be the CV that gets picked out of the pile.

Save time renewing your licence by taking action now

You can’t renew your SIA Licence legally without the skills and qualifications Top-Up Training gives you. No licence means no work, and nobody wants to risk an interruption to their income right now. Luckily, just 2 days of learning gets you back up to speed.

Know how to react to new risks and challenges ⚡️

Top-Up Training in Croydon boosts your knowledge base. Today’s world is already so different to how it was when many of us last got licensed, and taking this course means you can use strategies and best practices that protect yourself and those around you effectively.


Why do you need a Top-Up Course for Croydon security jobs?

Changes in Croydon and the UK overall have meant that the SIA has updated its expectations of what security professionals working nowadays should know to protect properties and people.


These new skills are just as much about helping you stay safe and earn your wages too. 2 days of London-Croydon Top-Up Upskilling Training shows you how to manage crowds, work best in the pandemic and use security equipment like radios and bodycams.


Skills in your London-Croydon Top-Up Training Course include:

  • Communication skills
  • Incident management
  • Crowd control 
  • Citizens’ arrest 
  • Protecting vulnerable people
  • Emergency procedures
  • Recordkeeping
  • COVID-19 best practices


Now, Door Supervisors are legally required to be qualified in EFAW, or Emergency First Aid at Work. This is another benefit to Top-Up Training, because you can include this qualification in your course package when you book, if you need to complete it.

Next class starts in January

SIA Top-Up for Door Supervisors Upskilling Course Training London-Croydon

The Business Xchange Hub 3-5 Landsdowne Road, Croydon CR0 2BX

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About the SIA Top-Up Door Supervisor Upskilling Training Course in London-Croydon

As courses go, this one doesn’t take long, but definitely covers a lot of subjects. You spend 2 days in class for your London-Croydon Top-Up Training, and you get Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) e-learning to complete at home.


The course overall is designed to give you the skills required by the SIA changes of April 2021. Because people who got licensed as new security professionals after that date already have these skills, Top-Up Training makes sure that people who have held an SIA Licence before don’t miss out. The best skills give you the best chances of getting work in the security industry, and this way you’re never at a disadvantage versus other people.


Know your course

London-Croydon SIA Top-Up Training courses take 2 days. Expect a good mix of practical assessments and a few multiple choice question exams. Be sure to do your Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) e-learning before the day of your course.


Top-Up Training often includes Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) training. It’s a legal requirement to have this qualification, or its equivalent, to work in professional security in the UK. You can use our free First Aid Refresher courses to get a head start on what you need to know, although this won’t replace the qualification process.


How to find your London-Croydon Top-Up Training Course Venue

Your SIA Top-Up Training in Croydon is in a good location. Find it at The Business Xchange Hub, 3-5 Landsdowne Road, Croydon CR0 2BX.


Remember to bring your ID on the day, as well as evidence that you’ve completed your e-learning. Be on time, too!


Get to The Business Xchange Hub, Croydon by train

The Croydon SIA Top-Up Upskilling Course happens at The Business Xchange Hub, right next to Centrale Shopping Centre. It’s located between East Croydon Station and West Croydon Station, meaning a short cab ride or a brisk walk is all it takes once your train has brought you into town.


Parking around The Business Xchange Hub, Croydon

Those of you driving to your Top-Up Training Course in Croydon have a couple of choices. On the west side of the venue, nice and nearby, is the NCP Car Park Croydon Whitgift, Wellesley Road, Croydon CR0 1UP. On the east, and also very close by, is Ruskin Square Car Park, Dingwall Road East, Croydon CR0 0XH.


Food recommendations around The Business Xchange Hub, Croydon

Top-Up Upskilling Training needs you to be at your best, and that means getting your fill of good food and drink. For an extra jolt of energy, try the Coffee Xchange close by on Landsdowne Road, or grab some takeaway goodness at The Dutchie down on the high street. With Centrale Shopping Centre so close, there are plenty of chain restaurants to choose from too.


Door Supervisors who are renewing their SIA Licence either on or after 1st October 2021 need to complete the Top-Up Upskilling Course. This is now a legal requirement to working in the security industry, because Top-Up Training covers new risks and Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) knowledge.  
It's easy. Book the course online, or call our friendly customer service line on 0207 078 7259.  
The SIA Top-Up Training Course takes place over two days. Your training instructor assesses your skills with a mix of multiple choice exams and practical exercises.

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