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SIA Top-Up for Door Supervisors Upskilling Course Training in Slough

Keep earning in London security jobs with an SIA Top-Up Training for Door Supervisors Upskilling Course in Slough.

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SIA Licence Top-Up Upskilling Courses in Slough

Right beside London, but with plenty of security job opportunities in town too, Slough Top-Up Training keeps you earning in one of the busiest places for door supervisors. Companies and big events are all on the hunt for top security talent, so making sure you stay licensed and stay earning is so important.


The UK security shortage is well known, and Slough security work is always looking for skills like yours. SIA Top-Up Training in Slough is important, because it helps you renew your SIA Licence the easiest way. That means you can keep earning, taking advantage of local opportunities and security jobs in London alike.


Earning in security jobs means having the best skills for the work at hand. The changes the SIA made during 2021 are the security industry’s response to that. In other words, modern door supervisors need extra knowledge to work in security in Slough, London and across the UK. Your SIA Top-Up Training will give you that knowledge, and that’ll make sure you’re never short of work.


Learning what these SIA changes mean for your Slough security job shows how some extra skills can help you take on the new challenges facing the industry today. It also means you’ve got the skills employers are looking for, and that you don’t need to face any interruptions to your SIA renewal.


Nowadays, door supervisors are required by the law to have a first aid qualification. Top-Up Training in Slough will give you not only that qualification, but also skills such as equipment use, crowd control and best practices the security industry has perfected during the pandemic.


Getting these skills is the key to renewing your SIA Licence. Set aside 2 days to do your Top-Up Training, and you’ve got the new abilities you need to keep earning in a massive security jobs market.


More learning means more earning. 2 days of Top-Up Training in Slough matches your security with the modern expectations of the SIA. This is an in-person course, but you also can expect some specialised e-learning material to do in advance too.


Get every security skill you need to stay in work

SIA Top-Up Upskilling Training gives you all the skills to confidently renew your SIA Licence. Slough and London security jobs are in massive demand, and you shouldn’t have to miss out on opportunities.

Boost your skills in just 2 days

Top-Up Training in Slough takes only 2 days. Not only do you learn loads of new knowledge in that timeframe, but if you make this time now, you make your SIA Licence renewal application that much smoother later.

Stay in control of your security work ⚡️

Slough Top-Up Training gives you knowledge that keeps you trusted on the job by your employer. That includes the first aid training required to work in security by law. It’s a big job market, and these skills will help you stand out.


Why do you need a Top-Up Course for Slough security jobs?

Slough security jobs benefit from your Top-Up Training because it means you have the latest skills for the work. The last few years have shown us just how fast life can change, and it means that the SIA was motivated to help security professionals face new challenges with the best knowledge.


Booking 2 days of Slough Top-Up Upskilling Training boosts your CV with the qualifications you need to stay in demand for UK security jobs. Keep learning, keep earning and keep your options open, confident your skills are in big demand all over the country.


Skills in your Slough Top-Up Training Course include:

  • Communication skills
  • Incident management
  • Crowd control 
  • Citizens’ arrest 
  • Protecting vulnerable people
  • Emergency procedures
  • Recordkeeping
  • COVID-19 best practices


Remember, Door Supervisors are now required by law to hold an EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work) qualification to work in security. If you don’t yet have EFAW qualification, don’t worry. You can simply add it to your Top-Up Training course package. Meanwhile, if you’re EFAW qualified already, or you have an equivalent first aid qualification, your Top-Up Training will be even easier.

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SIA Top-Up for Door Supervisors Upskilling Course Training Slough

Holiday Inn Express, London Heathrow - T5, London Rd, Slough SL3 8QB, United Kingdom

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About the SIA Top-Up Door Supervisor Upskilling Training Course in Slough

You’ll complete Slough SIA Top-Up Training in 2 days, but use that time very effectively to cover lots of different topics. You’ll show what you’ve learned through practical assessments and multiple choice exams, and spend some time before your course date completing your Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) e-learning material.


The SIA changes brought into the security industry in April 2021 have meant that people getting their licence more recently have had more skills built into their UK security courses than security professionals who are already licensed. With Top-Up Training in Slough, you’re no longer behind in your knowledge versus newly licensed workers. That helps make sure you’re always able to quickly find work in security.


Know your course

Slough SIA Top-Up Training takes 2 days. You can expect to do practical assessments and multiple choice exams to show what you’ve learned. Be sure you finish your Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) e-learning before your Top-Up Training date too.


Top-Up Training will also qualify you in Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW). This is now required to work in the UK security sector. You can use our free First Aid Refresher courses to get the basics online. However, you still need to complete EFAW training in person at your Slough Top-Up Training to get the EFAW qualification.


How to find your Slough Top-Up Training Course Venue

SIA Top-Up Training in Slough happens at Holiday Inn Express, London Heathrow - T5, London Road, Slough SL3 8QB. 


Always remember to take your ID to the course, and bring evidence that you’ve completed your e-learning. Also, make sure you aren’t late!


Get to Holiday Inn Express, London Heathrow - T5 by train

It’s easy to find your Top-Up Training venue. Trains to Heathrow Terminals, to Iver or to Langley all bring you nearby and have good cab connections for the final mile or so of the journey to the venue on London Road.


Parking around Holiday Inn Express, London Heathrow - T5

If you’re driving to your Slough Top-Up Training, parking is easy. Because the venue is a hotel, there’s plenty of space to park onsite.


Food recommendations around Holiday Inn Express, London Heathrow - T5

There’s plenty to eat at your Top-Up Training venue, but you can also head further up London Road to Quality Prepared Rolls to keep your belly full and your mind ready to learn. If you’ve got more of a sweet tooth, that’s no problem either, because heading down Brands Road near your training venue will take you to Truly Scrumptious Cakes. Put that sugar rush to good use on your course!


Door Supervisors who are renewing their SIA Licence either on or after 1st October 2021 need to complete the Top-Up Upskilling Course. This is now a legal requirement to working in the security industry, because Top-Up Training covers new risks and Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) knowledge.  
It's easy. Book the course online, or call our friendly customer service line on 0207 078 7259.  
The SIA Top-Up Training Course takes place over two days. Your training instructor assesses your skills with a mix of multiple choice exams and practical exercises.

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