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SIA Top-Up for Door Supervisors Upskilling Course Training in London-Kentish Town

Stay a step ahead with the best security knowledge, thanks to an SIA Top-Up Training for Door Supervisors Upskilling Course in Kentish Town, London.

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SIA Licence Top-Up Upskilling Courses in London-Kentish Town

There’s no city in the world like London, and the UK capital just wouldn’t be the same without the culture, food and influence of Kentish Town. But the city’s shops, clubs, pubs and big events have one thing in common, and that’s the need for the best security in the UK.


The demand for Kentish Town security jobs is big, and it’s similarly massive all over London and the rest of the UK. Yet keeping a city like this safe means having the best security knowledge available. That’s why your SIA Top-Up Training Course in London-Kentish Town is so important.


Taking this course is a requirement for thousands of security professionals who are renewing their SIA Licence. Staying compliant with the changes to security work made by the SIA in 2021 is vital to London security work.


The new changes made by the SIA are in place to help you respond to new risks in the best way. Employers are crying out for skills like these to protect their venues and the people inside them, so making sure you’ve finished your SIA Top-Up Training keeps you active in the London security jobs market.


Learning about the SIA changes helps you unlock the knowledge that matters in UK security work today. As one example, security jobs in Kentish Town, London and across the UK now require proper first aid qualifications. Because Top-Up Training in Kentish Town covers first aid, as well as crowd control, specialised equipment use and Covid-19 best practices, this course gives you the skills London needs to stay safe.


Those skills are also a legal requirement to renewing your SIA Licence. No need to worry though, because it only takes 2 days to complete your Top-Up Training.


Don’t miss out and don’t stop earning. 2 days of Top-Up Training in Kentish Town, London gives you everything you need to stay in the game. You’ll get e-learning on the skills you need to notice and prevent terrorism too. Altogether, this knowledge lets you work in security anywhere in the UK.


It’s those skills that will give you the best security job opportunities in London. Demand is high, but skilled security professionals are in short supply. Your Kentish Town Top-Up Upskilling Course opens up a huge range of security work.


Have everything covered to renew your SIA Licence

SIA Top-Up Upskilling Training covers the new skills and qualifications that security professionals need. Get your course sorted, and there’s no risk of delays in renewing your licence.

Boost your skills in no time

Top-Up Training in Kentish Town only takes 2 days. That’s less downtime spent off work, and a chance to save a lot of admin later down the line. You’ll be unable to legally carry on working in London security without the qualifications Top-Up Training gives you. Get a step ahead now.

Be the one everyone trusts and depends on ⚡️

Kentish Town Top-Up Training covers a lot in 2 days. Yet this information is designed to give you the skills and resources to react in the moment against new risks. You’ll also learn how to shut situations down proactively and prevent danger to the people and property you’re employed to protect.


Why do you need a Top-Up Course for Kentish Town security jobs?

It’s no surprise by now that the world can change fast. That’s why the SIA created new rules that mean security professionals working in London and across the UK need a certain level of knowledge to do their job well.


In a job like this, you can never be behind on your knowledge. Luckily, 2 days of London-Kentish Town Top-Up Upskilling Training gives you everything you need. It builds on what you already know about working in security in London, and adds the extra skills that security professionals who  got licensed more recently had built into their training courses. It means you don’t get left behind as security strategies move forward, which in turn means you stay highly employable as a licensed security professional.


Skills in your London-Kentish Town Top-Up Training Course include:

  • Communication skills
  • Incident management
  • Crowd control 
  • Citizens’ arrest 
  • Protecting vulnerable people
  • Emergency procedures
  • Recordkeeping
  • COVID-19 best practices


Door Supervisors need to be EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work) qualified by law now. If you need this qualification, you can include it in your Top-Up Training course package when you book. If you’re already EFAW qualified, then nice one! You’re already a step ahead.

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SIA Top-Up for Door Supervisors Upskilling Course Training London-Kentish Town

Unit 6, 45 Holmes Road, Kentish Town, NW5 3AN

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About the SIA Top-Up Door Supervisor Upskilling Training Course in London-Kentish Town

Kentish Town SIA Top-Up Training will take 2 days, so keep some time free. You’ll find you’ll get into a lot of topics on the course, and you show how well you’ve taken in that knowledge with multiple choice exams and lots of practical, physical assessment exercises. Your course also gives you Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) e-learning material, which you do online before your Top-Up Training date.


The SIA changes that came into effect during April 2021 mean security professionals who are training as a Door Supervisor nowadays have more skills in their courses than people who trained in the past. Top-Up Training helps you even the score and learn those same newer skills, which also means your CV stays up to date with the best security course knowledge you can find.


Know your course

London-Kentish Town SIA Top-Up Training lasts 2 days. You can expect to work through some practical assessments and a few multiple choice question exams. Make sure to finish your Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) e-learning before the Top-Up Training date.


Top-Up Training often includes Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) training. Door Supervisors should have this qualification by law now. It’s easy to learn, but you can use our free First Aid Refresher courses to learn some basics whenever you like. Doing so won’t replace your EFAW qualification, but it can make your Top-Up Training day even easier.


How to find your London-Kentish Town Top-Up Training Course Venue

SIA Top-Up Training in Kentish Town takes place at Unit 6, 45 Holmes Road, Kentish Town, NW5 3AN.


Make sure you take your ID to your course, and also proof you’ve completed your e-learning. Also be certain you get there on time!


Get to 45 Holmes Road, Kentish Town by train

The training venue is a short walk from Kentish Town Train Station. Once you’re off the train here, walk south down Kentish Town Road until you see McDonald’s on your right, which is on the corner of Holmes Road. Walk along Holmes Road, and the venue is close to the school on your left.


Parking around 45 Holmes Road, Kentish Town

If you’re driving to your Kentish Town Top-Up Training, you can park at Just Park Regis Road, Regis Road, London NW5 3EW.


Food recommendations around 45 Holmes Road, Kentish Town

Top-Up Upskilling Training needs plenty of energy, and Kentish Town is famous for its good food. You’ve got big chain restaurants to choose from, but don’t miss out on local favourites either. Creams Cafe on Kentish Town Road has plenty of hot coffee, sandwiches and cakes to choose from, while Pho Ta in the other direction, on Willes Road, offers Vietnamese street food at its best.


Door Supervisors who are renewing their SIA Licence either on or after 1st October 2021 need to complete the Top-Up Upskilling Course. This is now a legal requirement to working in the security industry, because Top-Up Training covers new risks and Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) knowledge.  
It's easy. Book the course online, or call our friendly customer service line on 0207 078 7259.  
The SIA Top-Up Training Course takes place over two days. Your training instructor assesses your skills with a mix of multiple choice exams and practical exercises.

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