Gas Safe ID card

In the UK, to legally work as a Gas Engineer, you will need to hold industry qualifications and be Gas Safe Registered. Trained and registered Gas Engineers are issued with a Gas Safe ID card.


Gas Safe ID card


Gas Safe Register

COST £362.00
VALID FOR 1 year
ELIGIBILITY 18+ years, right to work in UK
QUALIFICATION(S) NEEDED Industry qualification and completed ACS Initial Assessment

Complete Industry training

Gas industry NVQ or Diploma
ACS Initial Assessment
Build on-site portfolio of gas work

Register on Gas Safe Register

Obtain Gas Safe ID card
Get Licenced

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What is the Gas Safe Register?

We wouldn’t just let any average joe come into our home and check our gas pipes, this is why all trained and legal Gas Engineers must be registered on the Gas Safe Register.


We make having a Gas Safe Register a simple, stress-free process


The Gas Safe Register is the only official gas registration body of gas businesses and engineers in the United Kingdom and is a legal requirement that all gas companies and organisations must abide by.


How does it work?

Similar to how DVLA issues driving licences to those who have demonstrated their competence by passing a driving test, being registered on the Gas Safe Register is the gas industries way in ensuring that a Gas Engineer has passed all the necessary industry qualifications and are legally trained and authorised to work within the sector.

More than 125,000 engineers are listed on the Gas Safe Register and their competence verified in order to maintain rigorous health and safety standards within the gas industry. The Gas Safe Register also carries out regular inspections and investigates any reports of bad practice.



What is a Gas Engineer?

A Gas Engineer is responsible for installing, servicing and repairing client’s gas appliances and heating systems, this may include boilers, cookers, central heating systems, and gas fires.

As well as maintenance inspections, repairs and servicing of gas equipment, a Gas Engineer may also be responsible for completing associated gas certification documentation in line with industry requirements.

Above all else, a Gas Engineer should be able to answer questions and concerns from clients and offer guidance and health and safety advice when required.



How much can a Gas Engineer earn?

Depending on training and experience, a Gas Engineer can earn between £25,000 – £35,000 per year. Pay may also vary depending on the company and the area in which the individual is based.

There may often be opportunities from time to time for a Gas Engineer to earn more, through overtime and internal bonus structures.



What training is required to be a Gas Engineer?

To become a Gas Engineer, you will need to train for and pass an industry qualification.

An industry qualification could include an NVQ or Diploma in courses such as Domestic Natural Gas Installation and Maintenance, Domestic Plumbing and Heating or Gas Utilisation.

Trainee Gas Engineers may also be required to complete an ACS Initial Assessment. This may also include completing an on-site portfolio of gas work.

Once an individual has achieved an industry qualification and completed an ACS Initial Assessment, they will need to register on the Gas Safe Register.

Once a trained Gas Engineer has been registered on the Gas Safe Register, they will receive a Gas Safe ID card.


REMEMBER – Dangerous gas work can lead to accidents, such as gas leaks, fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning, so it is important that a Gas Engineer has completed the relevant industry-related training and qualifications. 



What is a Gas Safe ID card?

A Gas Safe ID card is given to Gas Engineers who have registered on the Gas Safe Register and who have completed and obtained the relevant industry qualifications.

All Gas Engineers are required to have a Gas Safe ID card while working on-premises.

Details on the Gas Safe ID card include the engineer's photo, a security hologram as well a licence number which a client can check on the Gas Safe Register to ensure that the engineer is from the business that they employed.

Also found on a Gas Safe ID is the kind of activities that the Gas Engineer can perform, classified as domestic and commercial work.




Yes. By law, all Gas Engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.
Before applying to be registered on the Gas Safe Register, an individual will need to have the relevant industry-related qualifications and evidence of competence.
Currently, it costs just over £300 to be registered on the Gas Safe Register per individual.
A Gas Engineer with a Gas Safe ID card ensues that not only has the Engineer been registered Gas Safe Register, but they are qualified and competent to work on gas appliances.
Anyone carrying out gas work must have a Gas Safe Register ID card, if not, they are breaking the law.

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