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Course Location Date Pay Now Price On the Day Price Book Now
Door Supervisor Aylesbury £165 £235
Door Supervisor Belfast £221 £315
Door Supervisor Birmingham £165 £235
Door Supervisor Birmingham-Central £165 £235
Door Supervisor Bournemouth £221 £315
Door Supervisor Brighton £221 £315
Door Supervisor Bristol £221 £315
Door Supervisor Cardiff £221 £315
Door Supervisor Chelmsford £137 £195
Door Supervisor Chester £200 £285
Door Supervisor Edinburgh £220 £315
Door Supervisor Glasgow £221 £315
Door Supervisor Guildford £165 £235
Door Supervisor Leeds £186 £265
Door Supervisor Leicester £170 £245
Door Supervisor Liverpool £200 £285
Door Supervisor London-Central £165 £235
Door Supervisor London-Central Waterloo £140 £200
Door Supervisor London-Croydon £130 £185
Door Supervisor London-East Ham £130 £185
Door Supervisor London-Enfield £137 £195
Door Supervisor London-Finsbury Park £120 £200
Door Supervisor London-Hayes and Southall £137 £195
Door Supervisor London-Ilford and Chadwell £137 £195
Door Supervisor London-Lewisham £126 £180
Door Supervisor London-Mile End £130 £185
Door Supervisor London-Stratford £130 £185
Door Supervisor London-Wood Green £137 £195
Door Supervisor Luton £165 £235
Door Supervisor Manchester £186 £265
Door Supervisor Manchester-Central £186 £265
Door Supervisor Milton Keynes £186 £265
Door Supervisor Newcastle Upon Tyne £220 £315
Door Supervisor Norwich £221 £315
Door Supervisor Nottingham £221 £315
Door Supervisor Peterborough £221 £315
Door Supervisor Plymouth £220 £315
Door Supervisor Portsmouth £221 £315
Door Supervisor Reading £165 £235
Door Supervisor Sheffield £221 £315
Door Supervisor Slough £165 £235
Course Location Date Pay Now Price On the Day Price Book Now
Security Guard Aylesbury £165 £235
Security Guard Belfast £221 £315
Security Guard Birmingham £165 £235
Security Guard Birmingham-Central £140 £200
Security Guard Bournemouth £221 £315
Security Guard Brighton £221 £315
Security Guard Bristol £221 £315
Security Guard Cardiff £221 £315
Security Guard Chelmsford £137 £195
Security Guard Chester £200 £285
Security Guard Edinburgh £189 £315
Security Guard Glasgow £221 £315
Security Guard Guildford £165 £235
Security Guard Leeds £186 £265
Security Guard Leicester £170 £245
Security Guard Liverpool £200 £285
Security Guard London-Central £165 £235
Security Guard London-Central Waterloo £140 £200
Security Guard London-Croydon £130 £185
Security Guard London-East Ham £130 £185
Security Guard London-Enfield £137 £195
Security Guard London-Finsbury Park £120 £200
Security Guard London-Hayes and Southall £137 £195
Security Guard London-Ilford and Chadwell £137 £195
Security Guard London-Lewisham £126 £180
Security Guard London-Mile End £130 £185
Security Guard London-Stratford £130 £185
Security Guard London-Wood Green £137 £195
Security Guard Luton £165 £235
Security Guard Manchester £186 £265
Security Guard Manchester-Central £140 £200
Security Guard Milton Keynes £186 £265
Security Guard Newcastle Upon Tyne £220 £315
Security Guard Norwich £221 £315
Security Guard Nottingham £221 £315
Security Guard Peterborough £221 £315
Security Guard Plymouth £221 £315
Security Guard Portsmouth £221 £315
Security Guard Reading £165 £235
Security Guard Sheffield £221 £315
Security Guard Slough £165 £235
Course Location Date Pay Now Price On the Day Price Book Now
CCTV Training Birmingham £220 £315
CCTV Training Leeds £185 £265
CCTV Training Liverpool £220 £315
CCTV Training London-Central £160 £265
CCTV Training London-Central Waterloo £160 £265
CCTV Training London-Croydon £185 £265
CCTV Training London-Hayes and Southall £185 £265
CCTV Training London-Ilford and Chadwell £185 £265
CCTV Training Manchester £185 £265
CCTV Training Newcastle Upon Tyne £220 £315
CCTV Training Nottingham £190 £315
CCTV Training Sheffield £220 £315
Course Location Date Pay Now Price On the Day Price Book Now
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Birmingham £80 £115
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Brighton £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Bristol £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Chelmsford £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Edinburgh £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Glasgow £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Leeds £80 £115
Upskilling for Door Supervisors London-Central £80 £115
Upskilling for Door Supervisors London-Croydon £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors London-East Ham £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors London-Enfield £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors London-Mile End £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors London-Wood Green £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Manchester £80 £115
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Milton Keynes £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Norwich £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Peterborough £75 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Plymouth £65 £110
Upskilling for Door Supervisors Portsmouth £65 £110
Course Location Date Pay Now Price On the Day Price Book Now
Advanced PI and Handcuff Birmingham £140 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff Brighton £140 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff Bristol £140 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff Chelmsford £140 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff Leeds £140 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff Liverpool £140 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff London-Central £120 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff London-East Ham £140 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff London-Mile End £140 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff Manchester £140 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff Newcastle Upon Tyne £120 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff Nottingham £120 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff Portsmouth £120 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff Reading £140 £200
Advanced PI and Handcuff Sheffield £140 £200
Course Location Date Pay Now Price On the Day Price Book Now
Emergency First Aid at Work Birmingham £80 £115
Emergency First Aid at Work Leeds £80 £115
Emergency First Aid at Work London-Central £70 £115
Emergency First Aid at Work London-Central Waterloo £80 £115
Emergency First Aid at Work Manchester £80 £115

1. What is the SIA

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is an organization which oversees and regulates the private security industry within the UK. The aim of the organization has been to ensure a standardized approach of training and work practices in the large security sector.

The SIA works independently and reports to the Home Secretary, under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. Establishing in 2003, The SIA’s mission is to continue development of training and overall standards in practice of the private security industry, reduce criminality and protect the society.

Overall the SIA exists to make sure that all UK security licence holders, security training providers and employers meet a universal set of standards. In essence, the organization ensures that those privately employed to protect us, and our property, do so in the correct way.

2. Why take the SIA training in Get-Licensed

The role of the qualified security staff is extremely demanding so it is vital that you receive the best quality SIA Training courses available before you begin your new career. SIA training in Get-Licensed covers guarding (including security guarding, door supervision , close protection, CCTV) and other personal licence training... We are proud to be the No1 security training provider over the UK to provide the best quality SIA courses and to ensure that private security operatives are ‘fit and proper’ persons who are qualified to do their job.

After the SIA training, the operatives are responsible for obtaining a SIA Licence to work legally within the private security industry. You will be breaking the law if you work without a SIA licence and your employer will be breaking the law if they use unlicensed staff. It is not your employer's responsibility to get you licensed, but it is their responsibility to ensure that their security staff always have the right security training and SIA licence for the role they ask them to perform.

Book your SIA training with the UK's #1 and gain the confidence to work legally and effectively as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard or CCTV Operator!

3. Who are the SIA training courses for?

Door Supervisor

The Door Supervisor Training is aimed for people looking to work legally in the UK Private Security Industry as a Door Supervisor in a Pub, Club, Music Events. Operatives with Door Supervisor Licence also can work as a Security Guard for shopping malls, banks and other retail outlets.

Security Guard Training

If you are looking to work as a static guard in retail or corporate this training is right for you! However, having Door Supervisor Training is always necessary too.

CCTV Training

Upon successfully completing this course you will be able to apply for a CCTV Operator SIA Licence which allows you to legally work in the private security industry in the UK.

Close Protection Training

A Course for individuals who are looking to Bodyguard for the rich, famous and politically exposed in public life.

Physical Intervention Training

This course provides candidates with a wider range of non-violent options for dealing with the most common scenarios involving physical contact in licensed premises.

Handcuff Training

A Course for individuals expected to use handcuffs as part of their operational role.

First aid

We recommend First Aid Training is for everyone; a small investment of time can help you save lives. You are required by law to have a First Aider at work and at times more than one depending on the size of your organisation.

APLH Personal Licence

This course is for anyone authorizing the retail sale of alcohol in licensed premises including pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs or any other venue where alcohol is sold.

PTLLS Training

Book a teacher training course and start a new and rewarding teaching career.