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Fire Safety Level 2

Fire safety training in the UK and in the work environment is very important. The Fire Safety Training Course is designed to provide employees with knowledge of the risks associated with workplace fires. The Fire Safety Level 2 also allows individuals to progress into Fire Wardens in the work place.

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Fire Safety Level 2

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ELIGIBILITY 18+ years, right to work in UK


Introduction to Fire Safety

Why fire safety is important
The fire triangle,
Types of fire
Responsible persons
Fire wardens and employee duties.


Fire Safety Law

Fire safety legislation
Fire risk assessment
Who enforces fire safety


Fire Safety Measures

Detection and warning systems
Fire extinguishers
Evacuation routes and exits
Fire signs and emergency lighting.


Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation strategies
What to do during an evacuation
Personal emergency evacuation plans
Fire drills


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What is the Fire Safety Level 2 training course?

Having a qualified Fire Warden in the work environment not only keeps employees safe, but it is also an important part of overall fire safety.


We make getting your Fire Safety Level 2 qualification a simple, stress-free process 


This is why fire safety training, or fire marshal training as it is also known is not only vital for nominated fire wardens, but also for the entire work place.


Note - Apart from being a mandatory legal requirement, Fire Safety Training provides essential knowledge to those in the workplace on what procedures to follow in the event of a fire situation, and how to act accordingly in case of an emergency. 


What is a Fire Warden?

It is a legal requirement that one or more ‘competent persons’ are designated within each workplace to take charge of all fire safety aspects. This person is called a Fire Warden.


A Fire Warden works together with the employer to ensure that fire safety measures and evacuation procedures are in place and that they are effective in the event of an emergency. These is called a fire safety risk assessment.


This is in line with UK Fire Safety Regulations and the Fire Safety Order Regulatory Reform Order 2005.



What does the course include?

The Fire Safety Level 2 training course will provide the necessary training requirements to be a qualified Fire Warden. It will teach delegates about the legal duties, provide an understanding of fire, understanding fire hazards and fire safety requirements, and details what evacuation procedures should be implemented in the work environment.


What happens after the course?

On completion of the Fire Safety Level 2 training course, candidates will be awarded a Fire Safety Level 2 RQF/LEVEL 6 SCQF certificate by First Aid Awards (FAA) who are regulated by Ofqual and SQA Accreditation.


How often should I do Fire Safety training?

It is recommended that employees have a refresh of Fire Safety training at least once a year. This is to ensure staff and those in the workplace remain familiar with fire safety procedures and are reminded of the action to be taken if there is a fire.


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Frequently asked

This Fire Safety training course is suitable for anyone who will be taking on the role of Fire Warden in the workplace, but also for anyone at any level with no previous knowledge.

The information learnt on the Fire Safety Level 2 training course will assist you in taking responsibility for fire safety in your workplace while protecting everyone’s well-being. The course goes into detail about the causes of fire and what appropriate fire safety precautions and fire evacuation procedures should be in place in the work place.

Yes. Fire Safety training is a legal requirement for all employees of a workplace to take.

Yes. UK law states that not only should all staff be trained on fire safety, but a person or individuals should be an assigned Fire Warden to implement emergency operations in the case of a fire in the workplace.

On completion of the Fire Safety Level 2 training course, candidates will be awarded a Fire Safety Level 2 RQF/LEVEL 6 SCQF certificate.

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