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Think of a millennial and the first words that probably spring to mind are avocado eating, work-shy lazy workers whose idea of a hard day in the office is at some snooty start-up in Shoreditch posting tweets while engaging in some afternoon ping-pong sessions. But are our stereotypes of ‘entitled’ millennials really a true reflection of Generation Y? Well, according to research from the Office for National Statistics, millennials may not be as indolent as we think.

Millennials or unmotivated?

Those supposed ‘almond milk latte-drinking’ worthless millennials who believe that there are more then 100 genders and are offended over absolutely everything are in fact as hard-working as their parents and even their grandparent’s generation, but work differently as technology changes the way we operate and communicate with one another.

According to the research, young people actually end up working longer hours and take half as many sick days as previous generations., with many young workers also having ‘side hustles’ and not conforming to the traditional ‘9 to 5’ that older workers were conditioned to. Millennials are also innovators as the rise of the digital start-up and entrepreneur continues to evolve while often employing teams of like-minded and creative individuals who are going to shape the modern-day world.

While Government and business data continues to contradict the stereotypes of the ‘lazy millennial’ there are of course still those employers out there who continue to typecast anyone born between 1977 to 1995 as idle and negligent. Hopefully as more and more research continues to become public, employees will think again over pigeonholing an entire generation

What Get Licensed Says

Employers shouldn’t assume stereotypes of who they employ and should focus on individuals work-ethic and the skills that they can contribute to a business rather then the type of vegan sausage roll they like to eat during their lunch break. While this research suggests that millennials have more ambition than some other generations, we think that everyone from baby boomers to Generation X can learn from each other and create a workplace that works for everyone.

Article Name
Are "Snowflake" Millennials Really That Lazy In The Workplace?
With Millennials being giving a bad rap as ‘lazy’ and ‘entitled’ we find out if generation Y are as bad as everyone makes them out to be.
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