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With more students attending university than ever before, do young people actually know what they want to do with their life after they leave further education? Or is the pressure to decide a career path and be successful at such a young age simply too much and too soon?

While social expectations and internalised pressure to have everything figured out takes it toils on the minds of students, according to young people, the expectation to have a career path forged after you have left the confines of further education has a deeper effect then many would actually realise. In the UK, a YouGov survey found that six out of ten young people aged between 18-24 have felt so stressed by the pressure to succeed and to know what they want to do in life that they have felt unable to cope.

Young people shouldn’t stress, we change our job title multiple times during our lifetime

Many of us who were determined to be astronauts or scientists at school probably don’t end up following our dream career path, and instead either fell into a job by chance or by economic need, or pursued a career that wasn’t even on our radar in the first place. As minds evolve and views are formed, we can change our direction in life on a whim. According to the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average worker currently holds ten different jobs before age forty, which means that we will change the direction of our career multiple times before we reach middle age. So, there really shouldn’t be any reason to worry about what future job title you hold, as the chances are, you will hold dozens of positions before you finally pay off your mortgage.

What Get Licensed Says

Jobs come and go, and while pursuing a career is an important path of the working life, it really shouldn’t come at the expense of your mental health. During our lifetime we will change our group of friends, hobbies and interests and probably have multiple different types of lovers too. The fact of the matter is we don’t need to be certain of everything all of the time, and that includes being certain of our career goals too.

Article Name
Are Young People Under Too Much Pressure To Choose A Career Path?
While young people continue to feel the pressure of what to do with their lives, we find out why students shouldn’t get so stressed over the future.
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