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Goals. They can seem out of reach and often within the grasp of our hands before dwindling through our fingers and disappearing into the realms of obscurity When it comes to shedding those last few pounds or working towards a new career, is there an easier way that we can stick to achieving our goals?

Well, according to research from New York University, it’s all in the planning, as preparing ahead for any potential obstacles can help you get one step closer in completing your targets.

Professor Peter Gollwitzer found that if those wanting to achieve the goal of for example, getting healthier or quitting smoking actively anticipated in advance potential obstacles that could hinder and prevent them from meeting their future aspirations, that their goals could be far more easily attainable and have more chance of being successfully completed.

The research also found that efficiently planning ahead would be more effective to long term goals that have for whatever reason failed to materialise. This is good to know for those who lack the stamina and willpower to stick to a goal or tend to spend their days idly procrastinating as their ambitions sinks further and further into a black hole where goals wither and die.

That’s my goal

Thinking of situations that may arise in preventing you from achieving your goals is the trick in this technique. For example, if you are a bar tender who wants to quit drinking but are currently responsible for the alcohol intake of customers in a nightclub then chances are it will be quite difficult not to envision the taste of an alcoholic beverage when you are constantly surrounded by intoxicated people having a good time while you are busy mixing cocktails.

By writing down the obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your goal, you are instinctively prepping your journey to your goal, and preparing ahead for the hazardous journey you have coming. The more concrete the actions, the more effective your chances of achieving your goals are. Having drunk people within radius may not be the best situation to be in when trying to cut out alcohol. So, by writing this down and acknowledging this as an obstacle, you could be one step closer in saying goodbye to the drink for good.

Of course, this is just one example, and a very obvious example at that. The thing with planning ahead for potential roadblocks is that sometimes they may not be that apparent.

What Get Licensed Says

It’s often the simplest of things that are the most effective, and in the case of writing down things that may prevent you from completing your goals, this is the most straightforward. Achieving goals can be fulfilling and can help you create a life that you are proud of. We all know how to achieve our goals, but knowing what things can prevent us from achieving those goals, can sometimes be easier said than done.

Article Name
How To Stick To Your Goals, Even If They Seem Impossible
Sometimes sticking to a goal is easier then done, but by using this technique, you could be step closer in seeing your dreams come true.
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