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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Making a good cuppa is an art form and can be the difference between a bad brew and something that the Queen would proudly sip with her pinkie high up in the air. This course will ensure you never make an unacceptable cup of tea ever again.

Course NAME

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

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MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR Making the perfect cup of tea
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Be able to at least boil a kettle


How to boil a kettle


How many sugars should you take in your tea?


How much milk is acceptable?


How many stirs does it take to make the perfect cup of tea?


How to choose your tea bag wisely?


How long should you let your tea brew?


Methods of tea straining


Practical skill assessment, ongoing formative assessment and tea brewing scenario based exercise

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What is the how to make the perfect cup of tea training course?

Nothing beats a nice cup of tea after a long day, but a really good cup of tea involves more than dropping a tea bag in a cup of boiling water while hoping for the best.

As Brits, drinking tea is a national past time. There isn’t anything a good cup of tea cannot can’t solve. This training course sets out to solve the age-old question, just how do you make the perfect cup of tea? 

NOTE – Tea bags are provided on the course. Delegates will not need to bring their own, unless they have a preference of tea bags that they wish to bring.

What Does The Course Include?

During this course delegates will learn the various techniques used to blend the perfect brew. From how long you should leave your teabag in your cup, to how many sugars is the socially accepted amount to take in your tea. This course will ensure that you never leave a tea bag too long in your cup ever again.

What will you get after the course?

On successful completion of the how to make the perfect cup of tea training course, not only will you be able to make the perfect cup of tea, but you will also receive a level 2 certificate in perfect tea brewing.

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No, but taking a course on how to make the perfect cup of tea will most definitely help you in advancing your tea brewing skills.
Putting milk first or last in your cup is an age-old question. On the how to make the perfect cup of tea training course, you will learn the secret art of milk pouring.
Pouring the perfect cup of tea is a skill only acquired by a select few and will most currently offer a heap of potential job opportunities, from working in hospitality to serving high tea in the Ritz.
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