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The Personal Licence Training Course teaches individuals about the law and is part of the process for obtaining a Personal Alcohol Licence.

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Personal Licence (APLH) Training Course in London - East Ham

The course, which is also known as APLH (Award for Personal Licence Holders), is a requirement which has been set out in the Licensing Act 2003 and applies to all people who will be involved in the sale of alcohol in a retail environment. This statutory requirement has been implemented to ensure that people involved in the sale of alcohol do so responsibly and to maintain standards that minimise alcohol abuse. By completing the educational requirements to be awarded the Award for Personal Licence Holders hospitality workers will have attained the necessary skills and attributes to work within the industry.
If you are looking to work in bar, restaurant or work in a retail outlet selling alcohol you will need a personal licence. To get your Personal Licence, you must pass the Personal Licence exam. Once certified, you will be able to apply for your Personal Licence badge in London - East Ham through the local council. 
There are many bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants and other venues in London - East Ham. Thus having a Personal Licence in London - East Ham can be attractive as either a full time or part time career. 
Since 2006, over 200,000 candidates have booked their Personal Licence training courses with us. We have regular Personal Licence training courses in London - East Ham with a passing rate of over 90%.

Personal Licence courses in London-East Ham

Available Dates
London-East Ham
Available Dates
London-East Ham

About APLH – Personal Licence Training Course in London - East Ham

On the Personal licence training course in London - East Ham, you will learn the following topics:
  • Licensing authorities
  • Personal and premises licences
  • Operating schedules
  • Permitted temporary activities
  • Unauthorised licensable activities
  • Police powers and rights of entry
  • Legal and social responsibilities of the personal licence holder
  • Illegal drugs, the effects of alcohol and disorderly conduct
  • Protection of children

At the end of your training, a 40-question multiple choice exam will be conducted. The questions on this exam are covered on your course. 

We understand that examinations can be daunting. With our nationwide 90% plus passing rate, you have nothing to worry about.

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