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Chauffeur Skills Award Level 2

This course is for entry level private hire drivers who are looking to move up into the chauffeur service. Delegates will be taught the art of chauffeuring as well as the responsibility that goes alongside it.

Course NAME

Chauffeur Skills Award Level 2

FROM £220.00
MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR Becoming Chauffeur Skills Award Level 2 certificated


Car detailing, personal presentation and in car protocol and etiquette


Time management, venue reconnaissance and cock pit checks


Intro to relevant law, route planning, vehicle interior layout and vehicle logs and accountability


Pick -Up and drop of skills, intro to security awareness, intro to technical aids, recruitment and CV Skills


Parking and waiting, ports of entry presentation, chauffeur sales programmes and basic maintenance


HNW vehicle presentation, business and career planning, basic incident management and basic search (Clean & Dirty)


Practical skill assessment and ongoing formative assessment

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What Is The Chauffeur Skills Award Level 2 Course?

Many people that drive for a living see a career in Chauffeuring as a way forward but struggle to succeed because they lack proper training.

The Chauffeur Skills Award Level 2 course is designed for entry level private hire drivers wishing to move into the chauffeur services industry. It aims to help professional drivers understand how being a chauffeur is different to being a private hire driver and so succeed in their career as a chauffeur.

Delegates will understand the art of chauffeuring and the skills required to perform the role to enhance their client’s safety and comfort.

While the course is not a driving course it delivers far and away the best standard for professionals with an industry recognised qualification.

What Does The Course Include?

This course equips you with all the necessary skills to ensure not only reliability and efficiency, but to allow the candidate to flourish in a prominent and respected industry. 

Chauffeur Companies and recruitment agencies seeking new employees or reliable subcontractors, will look far more favourably upon Professional Chauffeurs who have sought advanced training and have a nationally recognised qualification such as the Chauffeur Skills Award Level 2.

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A Chauffeur is a person employed to drive a private or hired car and is typically part of one's job.
Excellent driving skills, customer care skills, organisational and time management skills, basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance, geographical and route knowledge and the ability to deal calmly with unexpected circumstances or delays.
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