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Why Get Licensed?

Hundreds of our customers have successfully completed Close Protection training and gained a Close Protection SIA Licence. 

Close Protection is the pinnacle of the private Security Industry and for the candidates who achieve this qualification and secure their SIA Licence, a whole new world of exciting career opportunities will open up for them.

The role of a Close Protection Operative or Bodyguard is as varied as it is challenging. Operatives can find themselves protecting celebrities, politicians, visiting dignitaries, diplomats, sports stars and even royalty. Close Protection Operatives often need to deal with high amounts of pressure and can potentially encounter dangerous situations that require in-depth knowledge and training.

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Close Protection

About the course:

Being a Close Protection Officer can be extremely demanding and requires in-depth knowledge and training. This means the Close Protection training course covers a broad range of skills, from threat assessment, operational planning and reconnaissance, to vehicle techniques, search procedures and close protection teamwork.

To allow ample time to teach the broad range of skills required, the Close Protection course runs over 16 days and consists of three units:

1. Working in the Private Security Industry.
2. Working as a Close Protection Operative.
3. Conflict Management

In addition to the minimum course content required by the SIA, our course also includes the following elements at no additional cost:

1. First Aid at Work + Defibrillator Training 

2. Evasive Driving and/or Convoy Driving

3. Introduction to Short Firearms

4. Close Combat Training

5. Anti Ambush Training

6. Accommodation

Our courses are packed with theory and practical activities to keep you engaged throughout the course. The training is intense and some exercises will finish late therefore candidates must be prepared for a demanding period of instruction. We intentionally make the course fast paced to fully prepare candidates for the reality of life as a Close Protection Operative.

We understand that examinations can be a daunting prospect but we assure you that there is no need to worry. Everything you need to know for the examination is covered in the Close Protection training course and your expert instructor will fully prepare you for success in the tests. Our pass rates are some of the highest in the business thanks to the highly experienced instructors and the quality of the training courses.

At Get Licensed you will find Close Protection training at various locations in London.

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    Retail Security Officer

    Corporate Security Officer

    Door Supervisor Nightclub, Bars, Restaurants

    Security Supervisor

    Head Door Supervisor

    Security Team Leader

    CCTV Operator

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  • Shopping Malls

    £7 - £9

    Per hour

    Door Supervisor Tick Mark Icon Get Licensed Cross Mark Icon Get Licensed Cross Mark Icon Get Licensed £200
  • Night Club

    £9 - £15

    Per hour

    Door Supervisor
    Emergency First Aid
    Advanced PI and Handcuff
    Tick Mark Icon Get Licensed Tick Mark Icon Get Licensed Cross Mark Icon Get Licensed £275
  • Corporate Security

    £10 - £15

    Per hour

    Door Supervisor
    Emergency First Aid
    CCTV Training
    Tick Mark Icon Get Licensed Tick Mark Icon Get Licensed Tick Mark Icon Get Licensed £400
  • Retail

    £7 - £10

    Per hour

    Door Supervisor
    Emergency First Aid
    Advanced PI and Handcuff
    Tick Mark Icon Get Licensed Tick Mark Icon Get Licensed Tick Mark Icon Get Licensed £600

Close protection Training Ratings & Reviews

AshleehillApril 05,2013

one star one star one star one star one star

Never thought that as a female I would enjoy a security training - But seriously was proved wrong last week. Very Informative and enjoyable training for Close Protection, I don't even know how and when the course ended. Already recommended my friends to book a course and got it discounted too :D

BigBertieAugust 18,2012

one star one star one star one star one star

Same as MiekeReggy I wanted to wait for my results before writing a review. Got my results earlier than expected and passed so have applied for license straight away. The course I went on was fantastic. The trainer had loads of experience of the industry and made the training better with his own stories and examples which really helped. I booked with Get Licensed because they seem like a big professional company unlike some of the other ones I looked at. The training and service was everything I expected. Very professional and good customer service. I would recommend Get Licensed to anyone who is serious about getting the best training. 

lrainbow40July 12,2012

one star one star one star one star one star

This was The best, course I have ever done and I would recommend all people to use get licensed and it is not about them and all about you, loved it 

MikevillaJune 29,2012

one star one star one star one star one star

I defo! recommend Get Licensed to any person wishing and wanting to get into the security industry. I found the website easy to follow from start through to sitting my tests. My location was great in terms of food/drink shops and transport. When i was on the Close protection course i found my tutor to be very friendly and easy going from the start which helped me relax and settle right in. My tutor was very helpful and approachable with any questions and enquires which i had about security which i found very useful. My opinion on the price of my course would be between budget/average.

WystanJanuary 21,2011

one star one star one star one star one star

A special thanks to Tom and Qaiser who got me started on my first two courses, you guys inspired me! This is a classic example of how HR departments backed by a good educational system can change the work environment and inspire ordinary people.
“In house” Training
Following an quality audit, our company had to send 5 of us back for re-training, as during our initial training at work, a trainer simply gave us books to read and let us write and pass a test.
Mansoor at Get-Licensed did a training needs analysis with us and the manager and designed a pathway that included first aid, door supervision, CCTV training, Close protection. Reluctantly we went for retraining, as the company paid for it – and I was pleasantly surprised at what we found on the courses. The trainers were passionate about our professional development and were all experienced in the field. Two of them were ex security managers so they had great insight into the topics they taught. I now realize that our responsibilities are quite significant and that there are various laws that places a high degree of duty on the employer and licensees to provide suitably trained staff.
It is clear that people who are properly trained by an external organization such as Get-Licensed will have a lot more to offer in the workplace than those who simply went through the motions, and are twice more likely to become managers.
If you are keen on keeping your job and bringing something of value to the workplace, Get-Licensed seem to have it all sorted – as special thanks to Ramy and Tom, the trainers!

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