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Counter Reconnaissance and Surveillance Detection Course AZTEC Level 3

Learn the ability to detect and counter targeted reconnaissance and surveillance attacks. Delegates will be taught by instructors with extensive police and military backgrounds. All content taught on the course is operationally relevant.

Course NAME

AZTEC Level 3

FROM £360
MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR Becoming AZTEC Level 3 certificated


The Surveillance Threat


Planning and Briefing


Foot and Mobile Surveillance Methods


Recognising Surveillance Teams


Covert and Overt Anti Surveillance


Counter Surveillance Routes


Satellite Vehicle Tracking


Realistic Practical Day and Night Exercises


Written theory test, practical skill assessment, ongoing formative assessment high Psychological profile test and Individual performance during realistic exercise scenarios

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What Is The Counter Reconnaissance and Surveillance Detection Course AZTEC Level 3 Course?

In this day and age of heightened security and a constant terrorist presence on the horizon, having the necessary skills to stay vigilant and prepared is not only essential, it is mandatory.   


The Counter Reconnaissance and Surveillance Detection Training Course equips delegates with the knowledge and skills they need to identify and counter targeted reconnaissance and directed surveillance attacks. 


Note: The content is operationally relevant and appropriate for the commercial protection environment, delivered to national and NPOG standards, while operating within legal boundaries for civilian protection officers.


What Does The Course Include?

The Counter Reconnaissance and Surveillance Detection Training Course  concentrates on the fundamentals of operating in different environments and how to detect and defeat targeting in a variety of situations.


The course is led by professional instructors with extensive operational experience who keep up to date with the latest thinking, techniques and intelligence.


Note - All instructors have previously served in either the Military, Government Security Services or Police special operations roles.


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Frequently asked

Surveillance detection is a series of covert procedures and tactics that are designed and implemented in order to confirm or deny whether there is hostile surveillance of a principal, place or event.

Counter reconnaissance is the measure taken to prevent an enemy's reconnaissance.

This course is designed to teach students primarily with a close protection background how to protect their Principal against sophisticated threats through anti and counter surveillance. 

The main aim of this course is to teach all fundamentals of professional detection and countering surveillance tactics, techniques and procedures. To equip students with overt and covert techniques as well as enhancing existing skills and procedures, to a level that allows independent operation.
And lastly, to train and select suitable candidates to work both independently as AZTEC operators as well as part of integrated operations with additional team members and external agencies

By the end of the course you will be able to carry out sophisticated 'overt' and 'covert' drills to either evade, deter or gather intelligence on the most sophisticated of surveillance teams.

This four-day course teaches the skill sets required to operate as a sophisticated counter surveillance team. In order to fully appreciate 'what to look for' it also teaches the basic understanding of how a surveillance team operates. Students completing this course receive a certificate of completion.

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