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Forklift Training Course

Before you can operate a forklift, you will need to have completed comprehensive forklift training. Once you have completed your training will you be able to hold a forklift licence and operate a forklift. There are three types of forklift training courses available. Novice, Experienced and Refresher.

Course NAME

Forklift Training

DURATION 1 / 3 days
FROM £300
MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR Acquiring Forklift Licence
ELIGIBILITY 17+ years, right to work in UK
ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Good co-ordination and the skills required to drive a car (although you don't have to have a car licence)


Introduction to driving a forklift truck (Novice, Experienced and Refresher)

Forklift legislation
Forklift Operators’ safety code
Operation of hydraulic controls
Lift truck controls and instruments
Starting/moving/stopping and steering the truck


Daily forklift truck inspection (Experienced and Refresher)

Forklift load-handling theory
Forklift health and safety regulations.
Attachments and how they affect forklift characteristics
Pre-use checks, defect reporting, battery care and maintenance


Practical skill assessment, ongoing formative assessment and exam

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What is a Forklift Licence?

Forklift Operators play a crucial role in the smooth running of business operations.

Whether it be operating depots, warehouses, yards, ports or airports - without Forklift Operators goods and deliveries would not be loaded, unloaded, moved or stored, and as result, the production of a business would stop.

To be able to operate a forklift, a forklift licence is required. Technically however, there is no such thing as a forklift licence but a lot of the time it is commonly referred to as that. In actual fact, when you are qualified you will receive a Certificate to show to your employer. 

Many employers will look for experienced and trained forklift operators before hiring. Legally, every employer has a responsibility under Regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 to ensure staff have adequate training before they use work equipment. Having the relevant forklift training ensures you stand out and are knowledgeable and qualified to operate a forklift.

There are three types of forklift training courses available. Novice, Experienced and Refresher. 

Why do I need forklift training?

There are three types of forklift training courses available. Novice, Experienced and Refresher. The course you enrol on depends on your previous experience in operating a forklift.

Before being able to hold a forklift licence, forklift operators will have to enrol on one of three forklift training courses.

Why do I need to do a forklift training course?

Being a forklift operator is a complex operation and therefore requires the operator to have the knowledge to ensure that they can operate a forklift safely and efficiently. A trained operator ensures that the forklifts are used safely and for the tasks they were designed for. Additionally, their productivity is high because they can cautiously move the forklifts at a much faster speed.

Forklift trucks have the potential to injure or kill people if operated by employees who are not competent to do so. Having forklift training ensures the forklift operator is competent and capable to do their assigned role.

Novice Training

The novice forklift training course is for those who have never operated a forklift before. This is an introduction to forklift operations and will cover everything from forklift legislation, to forklift health and safety regulations. This is course is recommended for those who are looking to becoming forklift operators.

Experienced Training

This course is for those forklift drivers who have already completed the novice forklift training and currently hold a forklift licence. On this course you will learn more about the mechanics of forklift operations, including forklift attachments and how they affect forklift characteristics. You will also cover the forklift load-handling theory and the forklift operators’ safety code. This course is recommended for those who are already forklift operators and wish to learn a more advanced way of operating a forklift.

Refresher training

While not mandatory, it is recommended that forklift training refreshers are completed every 3 years once you have completed your forklift training and received your forklift licence.

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When you are qualified you will receive a Certificate to show to your employer.  Some people simply call the Certificate a Licence.
No. You do not need a car driving licence to use a forklift.
No. Anyone aged 17 or more can learn to operate a forklift truck.
Yes, but only if you are still training for your qualification.
There isn't a technical expiry date however, it is recommended that you take refresher training every 3 years after receiving your licence and qualification.
There is not a specific rule requiring forklifts to have seat belts. However, it is highly advised that forklift operators should wear a seatbelt at all times.
There are no set job requirements to be able to drive a forklift, however, operators should be physically robust and fit because operating forklifts demands strength and effort. Above all else, awareness of health and safety should be mandatory.
Yes. Work is easily findable within warehouses throughout the UK. Many retail businesses are closing and moving online. This means that they operate from warehouses or distribution centres with many, if not all, using forklifts to move goods and deliveries.
If you already operate a forklift we would recommend you take the experienced to further advance your skillset. 
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