Animal Boarding Establishment Licence

Even animals need a place to go when pet owners need a vacation. But to run a boarding kennel where dogs and cats can be safely looked after, you will need a licence.


Animal Boarding Establishment Licence


Local Council

COST £320
VALID FOR 1 year
ELIGIBILITY 18+ years, right to work in UK

Documentation required

Site plan of boarding kennel
Public Liability insurance

Application for Animal Boarding Establishment Licence

Applications to be made via local council
Get Licenced

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What is an animal boarding establishment licence?

A boarding kennel is a place where dogs or cats can be housed temporarily and is an alternative to using a pet sitter.


We make getting your Animal Boarding Establishment licence a simple, stress-free process ✅


The Annual Boarding Establishment Act 1963 requires any person who keeps a boarding establishment for cats or dogs to have a licence, this is in the form of an animal boarding establishment licence.

A licence is required to ensure good standards of animal welfare and that health and safety are being followed at all times, this includes steps being taken to prevent and control the spread of disease among the animals, and that suitable food, drink, and bedding materials will be provided and that the dogs and cats are exercised and visited regularly.


NOTE: As part of your application for an animal boarding establishment licence, your local council may authorize a veterinary surgeon or practitioner to inspect your premises.



How to apply for an Animal boarding establishment licence

Animal boarding establishment applications must be made via your local council. You can find the contact details for your local council at the Official UK Government Website.




No. Anybody found guilty of running an animal boarding establishment without a licence may be subject to a fine or three months imprisonment or both.
The number of cats and dogs that you may provide accommodation for will be specified as part of your licence application by your local council.
An animal boarding establishment licence will last for 12 months, to continue operating a boarding kennel, a licence will need to be renewed.

Certifications and Verifications

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