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While the running of a brothel is illegal in the UK, in Queensland, an Australian state covering the continent’s northeast area, operating a brothel as a business is legal. But for a brothel to be a legalised trade, you will need a Brothel Licence.


Brothel Licence


Prostitution Licensing Authority (PLA)

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What is a Brothel Licence?

In Queensland Australia, selling sex for money as a sex worker falls under the Prostitution Act 1999 which makes it an illegal activity to solicit the exchange of sex for money in a public place.


We make getting your Brothel licence a simple, stress-free process


But while kerb crawling and prostitution in public is against the law, the operation of a brothel as a business is legal. However, to legally open a brothel in the Queensland state, a brothel licence will be required.


REMEMBER: It is against the law to operate a brothel in the UK and can hold a maximum penalty of seven years in prison if convicted.



What are the conditions of a brothel licence?

A brothel licence holds strict conditions for brothels to remain compliant with the law in Queensland. One of these conditions includes the licensee or approved manager being personally present in the brothel at all times when the brothel is open for business. Failure for a licensee or approved manager being present during business operating hours within the brothel can result in the licence being revoked.

Other conditions of a brothel licence include each room within the brothel where the sexual activity will take place having some kind of concealed alarm button, or equivalent communication device in the event a sex worker needs to raise an alarm. All rooms must also have a significant amount of lighting to enable sex workers to check clients for clearly visible signs of sexually transmissible disease.

A sign should also be prominently displayed in the brothel’s reception area stating that ‘only safe sexual activities are practised on these premises’.



How to apply for a Brothel Licence

To establish a brothel and operate it lawfully applicants will first need to obtain local authority planning approval. Brothel premises must be deemed appropriate and suitable and may also need to be inspected by local authorities before authorisation is granted.

Once planning approval has been granted, applicants will then be able to apply for a brothel licence from the Prostitution Licensing Authority.

An application for a brothel licence can be completed via the Official Queensland Government Website.


REMEMBER: It is against the law to operate a brothel without a licence in Queensland. It is also a crime for those who enter or leave a brothel that is not properly licensed.



What is the Prostitution Licensing Authority?

The Prostitution Licensing Authority (PLA) is a Queensland Government licensing and regulatory agency established by the Prostitution Act 1999. The PLA was established to ensure that all licensed brothels within the Queensland state are regulated and that licence holders adhere to all licence conditions.

The PLA work to prevent corruption and organised crime from occurring in licensed brothels while also promoting and improving safety and health within the sex industry with sex workers in licensed brothels required to undergo regular health checks for sexually transmitted diseases. 

All brothel licences must be authorised by the Prostitution Licensing Authority.




A brothel is a place where people engage in sexual activity with prostitutes in the exchange for money. In the UK, brothels are linked to organised crime and people trafficking where the operation of a brothel is an illegal activity.
No. Managing a brothel in the UK is a crime and falls under the Sexual Offences Act 1956 which makes It is an offence for a person to keep and manage a brothel.
The operation of a brothel in the UK is against the law and holds a maximum penalty of seven years in prison if convicted.
A brothel licence can be obtained in Queensland Australia where it is legal to operate a brothel as a business.
Brothels are only legally authorised to have eight sex workers operate on the premises. If there are found to be more sex workers exceeding that number your brothel licence may be revoked.
Brothels are only permitted to operate with a maximum of five rooms in the Queensland state.
No. If a solo sex worker operates within their own home then they will not require a brothel licence. However, if more then one sex worker operates within a premise this will then be classed as a brothel and a licence will be required.

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