CBT Licence

A CBT Licence, known as Compulsory Basic Training is a mandatory requirement you must have before you ride any moped, scooter or motorcycle on the road. You must also hold a provisional Category A licence.


CBT Licence



COST £130
VALID FOR 2 years
ELIGIBILITY 17+, UK Citizen, hold a Full Driving Licence (Category A) or Provisional Licence
QUALIFICATION(S) NEEDED Hold a Full Driving Licence (Category A) or Provisional Licence

CBT Compulsory Basic Training

Introduction to CBT
Practical on-site training
Practical on-site riding
Practical on-road training
Practical on-road riding

Application for CBT Licence

Apply for CBT certificate via Official UK Government Website
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What is a CBT Licence?

All learner moped and motorcycle riders must complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) before they can ride unaccompanied on public roads.


We make getting your CBT licence a simple, stress-free process 


While not officially a license, having a CBT certificate is a mandatory requirement as well as having a provisional licence.


How do I get a provisional licence for motorbike riding?

There are a number of ways you can apply for a provisional licence. If you have internet access, you can apply online at the Official UK Government Website.


Alternatively, you can apply for your provisional driving licence by completing the D1 application form, available from the DVLA form ordering service or any Post Office branch. You will need to enclose original documentation confirming your identity, a passport style colour photograph and the fee of £50.00.


Note - A Provisional driving licence is the same licence as the one that lets you drive a car. If you already have that - or a full UK driving licence - you can skip this step.


How much does the CBT certificate cost?

A CBT certificate can cost around £130, but the price can vary between instructors. The certificate is valid for two years.


What Does The Course Include?

CBT Compulsory Basic Training Test

You must complete the Compulsory Basic Training Test before you ride any moped, scooter or motorcycle on the road in the UK. During the test the instructor will assess your riding to make sure you are safe to ride before you can get your DL196 certificate which shows you have completed the training.


Compulsory basic training (CBT) has 5 elements:

✅ introduction and eyesight check

✅ practical on-site training

✅ practical on-site riding

✅ practical on-road training

✅ practical on-road riding


The CBT Compulsory Basic Training Test also covers a number of important of on- and off-bike topics, including:

✅ an eyesight check

✅ basic maintenance checks

✅ braking

✅ manoeuvring

✅ changing gear

✅ riding behaviour

✅ riding in typical traffic conditions

✅ U-turns

✅ emergency stops


The on-road part of the training should take at least two hours to complete. The full course usually lasts the entire day.


If you have not gained a full motorcycle or moped licence two years after completing CBT, your DL196 certificate is no longer valid and you must repeat your CBT.


If you have a full car licence issued before 1st February 2001 you may ride a restricted 50cc moped on the road without L plates (and carry a passenger) without taking your CBT, but you still need to successfully complete your CBT to ride any motorcycle over 50cc.


Note - if you have not ridden a motorcycle or scooter before, it is a good idea to complete CBT as a minimum so as to be safe on the roads.


What does the test include?

Motorcycle Theory Test

You must pass a Motorcycle Theory Test, including a Hazard Perception Test, before taking any Practical Motorcycle Test, even if you have a full car licence. The Theory Test Pass Certificate is valid for 2 years.


How do I take a CBT Test?

The CBT course involves on-site training and riding as well as driving on the road with the help of a trained guide. To find out more about Compulsory Basic Training and how to book a training session. Please see the Official UK Government Website.


CBT certification

Once you have passed the CBT Compulsory Basic Training Test you will be issued with a certificate valid for two years. This will allow you to ride legally on the road unaccompanied (except for categories A2 and A). You must produce your CBT certificate within seven days if requested to do so by the PSNI or an enforcement officer.


If you don't pass your full moped or motorcycle test by the time the CBT certificate expires (two years) and you want to continue riding on the public road you will have to retake the CBT course and get a new certificate.


CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training.
Compulsory basic training (CBT) is a course you have to take before you ride a moped or motorcycle on the road in the UK.
The CBT licence lasts for 2 years. However, if you have a full UK car licence and only ride a moped then it lasts for as long as your licence.
To get a CBT Licence you must pass the Compulsory basic training test. You can apply for that at the Official UK Government Website.
You must complete a CBT course and hold a valid CBT Certificate before you can ride on the public road.
To take a CBT course you need a provisional licence in the relevant category.
A CBT tends to cost around £130, but the price can vary between instructors.
Generally, a CBT training course is approximately 6-8 hours long, however this can vary depending on the level of experience and additional assistance you may require.

Certifications and Verifications

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