Christmas Carol Licence

You may be dreaming of a white Christmas, but if you are looking to spread some festive cheer and sing some Christmas carols, you will need a Christmas Carol Licence.


Christmas Carol Licence


Local Police

VALID FOR 3 days
ELIGIBILITY 18+ years, right to work in UK

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What is a Christmas Carol Licence?

A Christmas carol is a song or hymn traditionally sung during the festive season in which groups of people perform in public as part of a signing group or a gathering of choirs and sing for the intention of receiving donations for charity during Christmas.


We make having a christmas carol licence a simple, stress-free process


Christmas carolling is a popular way to raise money over the festive period and adds to the ambience and character that is renowned during this festive period. However, to maintain a level of crowd control in public spaces where large groups of people can gather which can cause potential safety concerns, a Christmas carol licence must be obtained.


A Christmas carol licence allows the licence holder to perform and sing carols in public and collect money for charity over three days in the borough where it was issued.


How to apply for a Christmas Carol Licence

If you are organising Christmas carolling for charity in your local borough you will need to apply for a Christmas Carol Licence via your local borough police station.


You can find out the details of your local borough police station by visiting the Official Met Police Website.


There is no fee for a Christmas Carol Licence and applicants can expect to apply for a licence with no additional costs.
According to the Official Met Police Website, applicants may only apply for one licence per borough over the Christmas period.
According to the Official Met Police Website, applicants must submit their Christmas Carol Licence application by the first day of the month before the chosen date in which the Christmas carolling will take place.

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