European Firearms Pass

Are you a UK citizen off shooting in the French countryside this summer? Then you will need a European Firearms Pass to take your firearms or shotguns with you to an EU country.


European Firearms Pass


Local Firearms Licensing Office

QUALIFICATION(S) NEEDED Firearms Certificate or Shotgun Certificate

Application for European Firearms Pass

valid email address
valid contact number
copy of firearms certificate or shotgun certificate
passport size photo
copy of UK passport
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What Is A European Firearms Pass?

A European Firearms Pass allows UK residents to travel to EU countries with their firearms or shotguns. Applicants will require a Firearms Certificate or Shotgun Certificate before they can apply for a European Firearms Pass.


We make getting your European Firearms certificate a simple, stress-free process 


When traveling to an EU country, the airline, ferry or train provider that you are traveling with will also need to be informed in advance of your departure date.



How Do I Apply For A European Firearms Pass?

You apply for a European Firearms Pass by making a request to your local Firearms Licensing Office. You should allow about two weeks for your application for a European Firearms Pass to be processed.



Will Brexit Affect Me Applying For A European Firearms Pass?

If the UK leaves the European Union on October 31st without a deal then applications for European Firearms Passes may be affected. In the case of a no-deal case scenario, UK citizens will instead to check the firearms licensing requirements of the EU country that they are traveling to, ahead of traveling, and apply accordingly.

However, in the event that the UK reaches a deal with the Eu, then the European Firearms Pass will actively remain and all pending applications will be processed as normal.



Reasons To Travel With A European Firearms Pass

A Firearm Or Shotgun holder may have many reasons why they wish to travel to an EU country with a European Firearms Pass. Hunters of animals such as deer and wild boar may find plenty of opportunities to engage in their chosen pastime in a number of EU countries that perhaps they wouldn’t find in the UK countryside.

There may also be international competitions in the EU as well as opportunities for dealers to sell and import firearms and shotguns across EU borders.

To find out more about the European Firearms Pass, please visit the Official UK Government Website.





There is no fee for a European Firearms Pass
A European Firearms Pass works in conjunction with your Firearms Certificate or Shotgun Certificate and will have the same expire date as either or both.
No. It is a criminal offence if you fail to produce a European firearm pass when requested. Individuals without a European firearm pass may face a fine, even if they have a valid Firearms Certificate or Shotgun Certificate.

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