Firearms Dealer Licence

Any business in the UK that manufactures or sells shotguns, firearms or ammunition must register with the police and obtain a firearms dealer licence.

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What Is A Firearms Dealer Licence?

A Firearms Dealer Licence is required for businesses or individuals who manufacture or sell shotguns, firearms or ammunition within the UK.


We make getting your Firearms Dealer certificate a simple, stress-free process 


This also includes anyone involved in the repair or testing of shotguns, firearms, and ammunition.


REMEMBER: It is a huge responsibility to produce and manufacture shotguns, firearms, and ammunition and as a result, the Firearms Dealer Licence holder will be accepted to act accordingly.



How To Apply For A Firearms Dealer Licence

In order to sell firearms and shotguns, including air weapons, by way of trade or business, you must register as a firearms dealer with the local police. Once a Firearms Dealer Licence application has been completed the final decision will be with the local chief officer of police who may add additional conditions to your licence if appropriate.



What Conditions Can Be Placed On The Licence?

As part of keeping a Firearms Dealer Licence an applicant will be required to keep shotguns, firearms, and ammunition safe and secure within a premise that is efficiently sealed from the public and unauthorized individuals.  

Firearms Dealer Licence holders will also be expected to allow the police to inspect the premises and stock if requested.

It is also a responsibility of a Firearms Dealer Licence to ensure that shotguns, firearms and ammunition are not sold to anyone under the age of 18. This also includes anyone not authorised to own firearms, shotguns or ammunition.

To find out more about the Firearms Dealer Licence, please visit the Official UK Government Website.




No. The UK did ban the use of handguns in 1997, but citizens are still able to own and shoot some shotguns and rifles with the appropriate firearms certificate.
A Firearms Dealer Licence is valid for 3 years, in which a licence holder must renew their licence 3 years from the granting of the licence.
To renew a Firearms Dealer Licence, a licence holder must return their current licence to the police and apply for a new licence.
A shotgun certificate usually lasts 5 years from the date it was issued or renewed.
A firearm certificate usually lasts 5 years from the date it was issued or renewed.
No. If you are traveling in Europe with your firearms then you must have a European Firearms Pass. You can apply for this at the same time as your firearms certificate via your police force.

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