Food packaging Licence

Having the right food packaging on food goods is essential for consumers in establishing what kind of ingredients are in a certain type of food. A Food packaging Licence is therefore required to make sure that all food packing is accurate and meets food and safety regulations.


Food packaging Licence


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What is a Food packaging Licence?

If you are a catering business or provide the sale of loose food, then you will require a Food packaging Licence.


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While technically not a licence, it is a legal requirement for a business to properly label all food items that are to be sold to the public. Labeling on all food items is required so for customers to make informed decisions on what they consume, and to ensure that diet, allergies, and personal taste are catered for.

Labeling must be clear and easy to read, easy to understand, easily visible, and in no way misleading to the consumer.

Food labeling must also list the ingredients, as well displaying certain warnings for those with allergies.

If you wrap or package food as part of your business, then you must ensure that all food goods are wrapped accordingly to prevent the threat of contamination.


Remember: It is a criminal offense to mislabel food goods and can result in the offending business being prosecuted.



How to apply for a Food packaging Licence

Businesses can find out more information about food packaging regulations and the specifics that are required when labeling food goods at the Official UK Government Website.




While not mandatory, there is a free UK Government e-learning training course developed by the Food Standards Agency with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and the Department of Health, that can be completed for those who wish to know more about labeling legislation and the legal requirements when packaging food.

The course can be accessed via the Official Food Standard Agency Website.


If food is not labelled or is mislabelled incorrectly the offending business may be prosecuted and risk paying a fine.
Catering businesses who label their own food will need to ensure that packaging lists certain warnings such as allergen information, as well as any food additive that may have been added. A full list of package requirements can be found on the official UK government website.
While training in food packaging is not a legal requirement, an online e-learning is available for those who wish to have a greater understanding of food labelling legislation. The course can be accessed via the official food standard agency website.