Food Premises Approval Licence

If your business involves handling meat, fish, egg or dairy products, you must be inspected and may require approval by your local council. This is in the form of a food premises approval licence.


Food Premises Approval Licence


Local Authority

TIME TO GET LICENCED 28 days (varies depending on local authority)
VALID FOR 5 years

Register business 28 days prior to opening

Local Authority Site Inspection

Application for Food Premises Approval Licence

Submit requested documentation
Get Licenced

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What is a Food Premises Approval Licence?

A local council is required by law to inspect and grant permission for premises to handle, process and manufacture products of animal origin such as meat, dairy, egg or fish. This is called the process of approval and is displayed in the form of a food premises approval licence.

Food premises that fall under a need for a food premises approval licence includes restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, supermarkets, staff canteens, kitchen in offices, warehouses, guest houses, delivery vehicles, buffet cars on trains, market stalls and hot dog and ice cream vans.

How to apply for a food premises approval licence

Food premises approval licence applications must be made via your local council. You can find the contact details for your local council at the Official UK Government Website.

How often will my business get inspected?

The frequency of inspections to your business will depend on the type of business you have. Being approved by your local council and being granted a food premises approval licence allows local authorities to keep an up to date list of all those premises in their area so they can visit them when they need to.


If you think your food business may need a food premises approval licence, you should contact your local council. They will fully consider and discuss with you the need for approval and how the business can best comply with the requirements of the regulations.
Your council will have their own rules for how to display your approved status. They will make you aware of the conditions of the food premises approval licence during the application process.
It is a criminal offence to run unapproved food premises without a food premises approval licence. As a result, you may find yourself prosecuted and face legal action.
Yes. You do not need to be approved and have a food premises approval licence if you sell direct to the public or retailers like caterers, pubs and restaurants. However, this only applies if: food is less than 25% of your trade you do not handle any wild game meat products you do not sell food outside the county your business is registered in Please bear in mind that you must still follow the rules for controlling the temperature and storage of any food you transport.
No. You cannot start trading before receiving a food premises approval licence. You must not commence any business activity unless you have received a food premises approval licence and full approval from your Local Authority. If you start trading without Approval it is an offence which may lead to prosecution and legal action being taking against you.