Massage and Special Treatment Licence

Premises that provide a wide variety of treatments, the main ones being sauna, massage, and sunbeds. To provide these services in a premise, a massage and special treatment licence is required


Massage and Special Treatment Licence


Local council

TIME TO GET LICENCED 28 days (varies depending on local authority)
COST £430
VALID FOR 1 year
ELIGIBILITY 18+ years, right to work in UK, must not be disqualified from holding a licence, must not have been refused the grant or renewal of a licence for the premises in question within the last 12
QUALIFICATION(S) NEEDED National recognised beauty therapist qualifications

Submit application via local council

Visit -
Have eligibility requirements
Submit requested documentation

Implement public notice of application

Advertise application by means of a notice displayed at premises for 28 consecutive days
Publish notice of application in a local newspaper within 7 days of making the application
Prepare for site visit
Get Licenced

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What is a Massage and Special Treatment Licence

Under the London Local Authorities Act 1991 all premises (commercial or private address) offering special treatments must have a massage and special treatment licence.


We make getting your Massage and Special Treatment licence a simple, stress-free process


These services include the following:


 Body massage



Therapeutic spa baths


Herbal baths





Light treatment such as intense pulse light

Electric treatment



Besides the premises for massage and special treatment having to be licensed, the therapist who provides the treatment also has to be registered with the council that the premise is located in.


NOTE - Treatments are given by persons who are approved by the council.


The council will only approve people that are appropriately qualified and experienced. Checks are also made to ensure that every qualification certificate received is authentic and checks are also made for any previous criminal convictions against the licence applicant.


Normally premises will be inspected annually by local authorities to ensure health and safety requirements are being met, as well as adequate hygiene facilities.


Refused application

Your application may be refused for one of the following reasons:


The premises are not suitable and do not reach health and safety standards, including no safe heating, unsatisfactory lighting, lack of sanitation and does not have adequate fire precautions including firefighting equipment and fire escapes.


There is a likelihood of nuisance being caused in the area.


The person who will manage the premises is not fit and proper.


The people giving the treatments are not suitably qualified.


The safety of equipment is not satisfactory.


There is a question as to the safety of the treatment being given.


You have been convicted of particular offenses.


You fail to comply with any legal requirements.


Fines and penalties

It is an offense for any person to administer or advertise the availability of special treatment, without a licence; unless there is an exemption in force. Any person found guilty of an offense may be liable on summary conviction to a fine of up to £2,500.


How to apply for a Massage and Special Treatment Licence

Applications must be made via your local council. Each council will have its own application process and some may differ accordingly.


To find out what council you fall under and to begin the application process please visit the Official Government Website.


Once directed on the website, you will be asked to enter your postcode. From here you will be provided the contact details for the relevant governing council.


Note: You may not carry out special treatments until your application has been approved.


Cost of Massage and Special Treatment Licence

✅ New Licence application - £430

✅ Licence Renewal - £220


Note: The price of massage and special treatment licence can vary depending on the local authority.


If you are providing any of the following treatments, the premises you are providing them from must have a massage and special treatment licence. The treatments include: body massage solaria/sunbeds saunas therapeutic spa baths jacuzzis herbal baths aromatherapy manicure acupuncture chiropody light treatment such as intense pulse light electric treatment
The applicant must be over the age of 21 and provide full details of themselves and their business together with any other person involved in the business including the owners of the premises, and all persons providing hands-on treatment. Certificates of competence for all treatments for all of those providing the treatments will be required by whatever council you fall under.
It is recommended to have GCSEs at grades A to C in biology, human biology, or a certificate in anatomy and physiology. And to take a course offered by one of the professional bodies for massage therapy.
When the Council receive the application, internal checks will be made with the Police as to the suitability of all persons connected to the application including relevant qualification and background checks. The Council also will organize a visit to inspect the premises in question.
The licence is valid for one year, and it needs to be renewed every year.
Some professional organizations are exempt from the requirement for a licence. These include: The British Acupuncture Association The Royal Pharmaceutical Association The British Association of Electrolysis The International Federation of Aromatherapists The Internal Federation of Reflexologists The Shiatsu Society If the special treatment is carried out by, or under the supervision of, a member of one of these bodies, you do not need a licence for that specific treatment.
No. Your licence will only be issued to you when all the necessary inspections/checks have been carried out and the premises meet the required standards. The licence may also list additional site-specific conditions.  

Certifications and Verifications

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