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Everyone loves a parade, but if you are thinking or organising a public event or holding a public procession in Northern Ireland you will need to inform the Parades Commission and apply for a Parade Licence.


Parade Licence


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Application for Parade Licence

name and address of the organiser
the date and time when the parade or possession is to be held
the route
number of people likely to be involved or supporting it
details of any bands taking part
arrangements for control
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What is the Parade Licence?

Parades, usually organized along a street and accompanied by marching bands and floats can be a day of celebration and happiness for many in attendance.


We make having a parade licence a simple, stress-free process


But while the sight of people in costumes and crowds of people can be a good way to celebrate a day or cause, to organise such a display, event organisers will need to apply for a Parade Licence.


Remember - A Parade Licence is only applicable in Northern Ireland.


How to apply for the Parade Licence

Event organisers will need to apply for a Parade Licence via the Parades Commission in Northern Ireland.


The Parades Commission is a quasi-judicial non-departmental public body responsible for placing restrictions on any parades in Northern Ireland it deems contentious or offensive.


You must give notification to the Parades Commission at least 28 days in advance of the intended date of the parade.


To apply for a Parade Licence, please visit the official Parades Commission Website.


What is a parade?

A parade consists of an organised group of people, normally followed by floats following a set path from destination to another. This kind of event is watched by the public as they stand from the side lines to watch the parade.


Other features of a parade may include sponsored walks; processions, street parties; demonstrations and protests.


A Parade Licence will cover all of these activities.


No. If you organise a parade or public procession without a Parade Licence you could imprisoned for up to six months and also potentially face paying a fine of £5,000. Talk about raining on your parade.
Yes. Event Stewards should be positioned throughout the event at all times. This is the responsibility of event organisers and should be in place before applying for a Parade Licence.

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