Slaughterman Licence

To stun, slaughter or kill any kind of animal legally for the purpose of food you will need to obtain a slaughterman licence.


Slaughterman Licence



COST £25
QUALIFICATION(S) NEEDED Humane Slaughter Association Training

Obtain Certificate of Competence


Obtain Humane Slaughter Association Training

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What is a slaughterman licence?

A slaughterman or a slaughterwoman is a person employed for the purpose to restrain animals for the purpose of stunning, slaughtering and killing for food.


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To perform in this role, an individual will need to hold a slaughterman licence. Slaughtermen and slaughterwoman are highly trained professionals who are able to carry out such activities without causing considerable avoidable pain, suffering or excitement to any animal.



How do I train to become a slaughterman?

Individuals looking to begin a career as a slaughterman or as a slaughterwoman can gain the skills needed for this role by taking a slaughterman course with the Humane Slaughter Association.

Delegates on this course will cover the theoretical and practical knowledge of animal slaughter, as well as understanding the latest science and legislative requirements in the industry.



What training do I need for this role?

Before applying for a slaughterman licence, applicants must obtain a certificate of competence from a veterinary surgeon authorized by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, also known as DARD.

Once a certificate of competence is obtained, applicants can then apply for a slaughterman licence via the Official UK Government Website.




slaughterman licence holders must be at least 18 years of age.
No. A slaughterman licence is not needed when slaughtering your own animal for your own consumption or consumption by your immediate family who live with you.
Yes, but you will need to obtain additional certification when performing religious ritual animal slaughtering. For instance, if you wish to slaughter animals for food using the Jewish religious method, instead of a certificate of competence you must obtain a licence from the Rabbinical Commission for the Licensing of Shochetim in England and Wales or the Chief Rabbi in Scotland.
The rate of pay rate of a slaughterman or a slaughterwoman can be between £12.00 - £17.00 depending on age and experience.

Certifications and Verifications

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