Tattoo Licence

If you carry out any form of tattooing you must be in possession of a tattoo licence that has been granted by the local authority in the area from which you operate from.


Tattoo Licence


Local Council

TIME TO GET LICENCED 28 days (varies depending on local authority)
COST £150.00
VALID FOR Indefinitely

Application for Tattoo Licence

Personal registration: £90 - £100
Premises registration: £150.00 - £205
Applications to be made via local council
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What is a Tattoo Licence?

If you own or run a business and wish to carry out tattooing (including semi-permanent skin colouring) then you will need to apply for a tattoo licence with your local authority.


We make getting your Tattoo licence a simple, stress-free process 


The law requires that premises operating a tattooing business, as well as mobile tattooist hold a valid tattoo licence. This is also regulated by the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.


Important: Please note that that tattooist is inspected annually by an enforcement officer and must a valid copy of their tattoo licence on display at all times.





How to apply for a Tattoo Licence?

You must provide details about yourself and your premises, including any previous convictions for practicing without a licence in this field, as well as pay a one-off registration fee. These are set by the council and vary from area to area.

You can find the contact details for your local council at the Official UK Government Website.




Eligibility Criteria

  A tattoo licence will be required by businesses or self-employed individuals operating either independently within premises or if you work as a mobile business.

  Cosmetic treatments like tattooing skin must be carried out in safe and hygienic conditions to prevent the spread of infection amongst customers and those employed in the industry.


  You will need to ensure that your procedures, equipment, and facilities are safe, hygienic, prevent the spread of disease and comply fully with the duty of care required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.



Fines and penalties

You can be fined up to £1,000 if you run a tattooing business without having a valid tattoo licence.




Yes. You must display a copy of your tattoo licence on your premises. If you fail to do so, you could be fined.
No. You can only work in the area where you’re licensed. If you are moving to another area in the UK to work, you will need to contact the local council of that area.
If the local authority has not decided within 12 months of receiving your application, then your licence will be assumed for granted. However, please check with the local authority, as this can vary depending on the local authority.
Yes. Tattooists are inspected annually by an enforcement officer and must a valid copy of their tattoo licence on display at all times.

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