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Personal Track Safety (PTS)

This Personal Track Safety course is intended for candidates who wish to work on or near the line on Network Rail’s infrastructure.

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Personal Track Safety (PTS) Course

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MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR Becoming Personal Track Safety certificated


Introduction to working on the track


Accessing and Exiting the Track


Working Safely


Communication and Teamwork skills


Emergency Procedures


Safe system of work


AC Electric Equipment


DCCR Electrification Equipment


Practical skill assessment, ongoing formative assessment and exam

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What Is The Personal Track Safety (PTS) Course?

Personal Track Safety (PTS) is a system of safer working practices employed within the United Kingdom designed to ensure the safety of railway workers who have to work on or near the line.


We make getting your Personal Track Safety qualification a simple, stress-free process 


The Personal Track Safety course is designed to help workers to understand the systems that keep them safe. The main risks of working on the railway are: being hit by a train, on-track plant, or a road-rail vehicle, electrocution from an overhead power line or a conductor rail and trips and falls.


NOTE: The Personal track safety qualification is a mandatory requirement for every worker and has to be obtained before being allowed to work on or near any line owned or managed by Network Rail.



What Does The Course Include?

This Personal Track Safety course is a 2-day course intended for candidates who wish to work on or near the line on Network Rail’s infrastructure and covers a wide range of track specific information and procedures, including, infrastructure and terminology, the safe system, basic emergency procedures, and communication protocol. 

You will learn everything from how to inspect electrified lines to how to safely avoid an incoming train  Your new-found skills and reflexes will not only ensure you are safe on the track, but will give you the ability to remain aware and proactive at all times.


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To make rail workers aware of their surroundings at all times on the railway, so they stay safe and are able to correctly interpret the relevant dangers of the track.
At first, you will have a probationary period of about six months, and you will wear a blue hard hat to show you are inexperienced. This which will show up when your Sentinel card is scanned. When you are judged to have enough experience, usually by your supervisor, you will be allowed to wear a white hard hat.
The principal hazards include collisions between a rail vehicle and a track worker, electrocution from traction power sources and trips and falls. PTS ensures that rail workers are aware of their surroundings so that they do not enter situations where the aforementioned accidents are likely to occur, are able to move around the lineside safely and are able to react appropriately to circumstances (e.g. the approach of a train).
A position of safety is at least 1.25metres (four feet) from the running line for trains going up to 100 miles per hour and at least 2 meters (six feet six inches) from the running line for trains going between 101 and 125 miles per hour. An authorised walking route provides safe access to or from a place of work.
A PTS Certificate is required before anybody is allowed to work within the boundary of Network Rail tracks in the UK (on or near the line). It is also a requirement in the Republic of Ireland. Any potential employee must undergo a medical and a drug and alcohol test before attending a "personal track safety" course.
Basic medical assessment for national rail PTS includes: A medical questionnaire, audiometry (hearing test), vision testing, blood pressure estimation, physical examination and urine testing.
The object of the medical and drug alcohol screening assessment is to ensure that employers meet their duty of care so that individuals working in this potentially dangerous environment are not subject to increased risk of harm to themselves or their colleagues, or in some cases members of the public, due to any foreseeable underlying medical condition.
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