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Door Supervisor Training Course Description

Since 2006, we've helped over 40,000 people achieve a SIA Door Supervisor Licence in London and all across the UK. Our SIA Licence training prepares candidates for a rewarding and challenging career as a SIA Door Supervisor. The role of a Door Supervisor is extremely demanding so it is vital that you receive the best quality Door Supervisor Training available before you begin your new career. Once you successfully complete our Door Supervisor course you will be able to apply for a SIA Door Supervisor Licence. It is a legal requirement that you have SIA licence training and a valid SIA Licence before you start working in the private security industry in the UK.

The SIA Door Supervisor course runs over 4 days and is divided into 4 units: Working in the Private Security Industry, Working as a Door Supervisor, Conflict Management and Physical Intervention. On the final day of the course there will be 3 multiple choice exams and a practical assessment of the physical intervention skills you will be taught on the course.

We understand that examinations can be daunting but don't worry. Everything you need to know for the examination is covered during the Door Supervisor course and your expert instructor will fully prepare you for success in the tests. Our pass rates are some of the highest in the business thanks to the highly experienced instructors and the quality of the supervisor training courses.

At Get Licensed you'll find Door Supervisor Training in London and in over 70 locations across the UK. With so many locations and over 200 available training dates you're sure to find the door supervisor course that's convenient for you.


Door Supervisor Course Details


Courses from £165 to £230
Price includes exam fee


(Thu - Sun) Weekend
(Mon - Thu) Weekday


Course Timings
8:00am – 18:00pm


Minimum Age requirement is 18


The course is assessed by (3) multiple choice exams, and PI assessment.


Results are available with in 10 working days of the exam 99% PASS RATE

Door Supervisor Training - Course Dates

Location Date Online Price On the Day Price Book Now
Aylesbury £165 £200
Belfast £185 £250
Birmingham £165 £180
Bournemouth £230 £250
Brighton £200 £250
Bristol £175 £250
Cardiff £230 £250
Chelmsford £135 £200
Chester £200 £250
Edinburgh £250 £270
Glasgow £250 £270
Guildford £165 £180
Leeds £185 £200
Leicester £175 £200
Lincoln £165 £200
Liverpool £200 £250
London-Central £165 £200
London-Central Waterloo £145 £180
London-Croydon £129 £185
London-East Ham £125 £185
London-Finsbury Park £165 £200
London-Hammersmith Fulham £165 £200
London-Hayes and Southall £135 £180
London-Ilford and Chadwell £119 £185
London-Lewisham £125 £185
London-Mile End £125 £185
London-Stratford £119 £150
London-Wood Green £135 £185
Luton £165 £180
Manchester £185 £200
Milton Keynes £185 £200
Newcastle Upon Tyne £230 £250
Norwich £199 £250
Nottingham £200 £250
Peterborough £175 £250
Plymouth £200 £250
Portsmouth £185 £250
Reading £165 £200
Sheffield £185 £250
Slough £185 £200
Door Supervisor Training Ratings & Reviews
Average Rating: (4.71/5) - Total Reviews: 49

shanemund July 17, 2013
I really enjoyed the door supervisor course in which Matthew was our lecturer, his knowledge in the security industry is top notch and I think everyone over the weekend enjoyed learning from him and being in his presence ! Great course overall and 5 stars especially for Matthew, Thank You Shane

JBorovska July 01, 2013

Just got my results for my Door Supervisor course. Passed without any problems and got the resutls quickly. The course was very good for the money. Four days felt like a long time, I thought the course could have been covered quicker but it was definitely thorough. Our trainer was very good and very entertaining with lots of funny stories from his experiences on the door. Would recommend.

RobZombie73 December 12, 2012
Just completed my SIA DS Course on Sunday in Portsmouth. Im a former doorman and gave up just as SIA came into legislation, how things have changed! Good experience so far, called and booked, got a discount, email confirmation of receipt, booking, e learning requirements etc within minutes. Nice venue, Hilton Hotel. Awesome trainer, Davey, very entertaining, easy to get on with and learn from, spiced up things with entertaining stories and videos to go with the syllabus. Completion of the course requires 4 long days inc saturday and sunday in our case but all bases were covered and while im vastly experienced i feel better knowing current law and legislation. Only gripe is the PI is very limited due to the dreamland the SIA seem to live in, have none of them worked on the door before?? just waiting for my exam results now and have work waiting pending these so thank you guys! All in all a great experience from start to finish. just dont delay my results guys...  :)

jimbeam234 November 29, 2012
I signed up for a DS Training course with Get Licensed, didn’t quite know what to expect. But as soon as the training started, I was very impressed! Our instructor was very knowledgeable and very accommodating. For what you get I thought the price was spot on. Got my results after 4 days too! 


HaRRy1982 November 12, 2012
I paid to do my Door Supervisor training with another company who ripped me off. Took my money but never ran the course, still waiting for a refund. I would definitely recommend Get Licensed for those people who want a trustworthy company to do their training. Helped me a lot. Thanks!

thaman1978 November 12, 2012

The venue for Door Supervisor course was comfortable for the number of attendees, there was enough room for everybody to move around however the parking sucks big time. Hell, it was expensive.

asherthomas August 10, 2012
I originally book my sia ds training for the Waterloo center, i was called 3 days before to inform me it had been moved to croydon, I found the course very informative and the instructor we had was brilliant, he had a vast knowledge on all aspects of the security industry and also had a lot of first had expirence which he had no issues sharing with the class good or bad, i think his name was chris not 100% (south african guy) he was a really cool dude. refreshments were provided and topped up thought out the day (biscuit, tea, coffee ect) unfortunately its gone past 14 days and I am still waitting for my results, it sucks cause i really want to keep the ball rolling and start applying for work. All in all it was a positive experience and would recommend anyone intersted to sign up.

bbs August 02, 2012
Was thoroughly impressed by the course as a whole, the trainer Chris was hugely experienced and knowledgeable and left no stone un-turned as far as questions myself and the rest of the group on the Door Supervisor course had.
The course itself was very informative and each module was clear and easy to understand, with Chris going into depth on everything aswell as his own personal experiences. I would reccomend this course to anyone and feel I got my moneys worth out of the course and picked up some good skills and knowledge.
My only concern was with the physical intervention, having studied martial arts myself for 6 years (namely Japanese Ju Jitsu) - I feel that the ""home office approved"" techniques taught weren't the greatest to say the least, I was horrified to see specifially the ""leading"" technique by holding a persons arm leaving their other totally free to do anything from punch you in the face, reach into his pocket for a knife or pick up a bottle and smash it into your face. I do however praise the use of the fence position as this has been proven by the likes of Geoff Thompson to be effective out there in the real world. (I realise this isn't Get-Licensed fault so it takes nothing away from them)
Other than that, an excellent SIA Door Supervisor course, excellent trainer and I am thoroughly impressed with get licensed.

adnanyousaf August 02, 2012
it was great experience to get SIA door supervisor training. All the instructors were really supportive and really trained and guided every one for their future en-devour in Security industry

Cavedog July 26, 2012
I did the door supervisor course in Nottingham, Abbas was never boring great sense of humour, a good cross section of candidates, the venue was clean. The course was entertaining and easy to understand, I can`t see how anyone can fail. Thanks

christian... July 26, 2012
This course was fantastic, really useful and well explained throughout, learnt things I never thought applicable about door supervision, things that'll not only keep us safe, but also about the law. Anthony, our tutor was amazing, he talked candidly about his experiences, also whilst relaying it (very informatively) with the information we need to survive.
what i liked about the course was the use of videos. Get Licensed have a brilliant collection of videos that show what it's like to be working as a front line operator. which is extremely useful.
All round excellent course, dead chuffed.

Cavedog July 26, 2012
I did the door supervisor course at Nottingham, Abbas was never boring great sense of humour, a good cross section of candidates, the venue was clean. The course was entertaining and easy to understand, I can`t see how anyone can fail. Thanks

Ayodeji July 23, 2012
I attended the door supervisor training in Nottingham. The experience was great and i will be telling people about it. The instructors were up to the task and pratical experiences were used and the illustractions were very helpful. The training was up to the stardard and i will recommend people to get-licenced.
When is the result coming out pls.
Deji Owoeye

JasonBartlam July 23, 2012
I recently completed my door supervision course in Leicester on the 14th 15th 16th of July, being a experienced store detective/ security officer of 16 years I found the course really enjoyable and up to date in training practices, the instructors were understanding. And polite to the people struggling within the course, first rate

beale2012 July 17, 2012
I attended the door supervision in croydon on the 22nd - 24th june and would like to say the course was really benifitual to me and what I would need to start my new carrer in the security industry. Everything that was told dicussed and shown by Tom our instrutor, his colleagues and my class mates I have really taken in and that I am ready to go into the part of the industry of my choice and knowing what there is to come. All the training that was prsented was very well thought out and the physical intervention was also excellent because I had no clue on how to deal with any situation if they or I were in any situation. So I would like the get license team and untill we meet again......

Nathan_King July 16, 2012
I went on the Door Supervisor course last weekend (13-15th of July 2012) taught by Tom Baird. I went there thinking that it was going to be a tedious 12 hours every day, but honestly, Tom made it both enjoyable and entertaining. The course structure wasn't strenuous and it gave us all the details that we needed for the exam. I definitely recommend Get Licensed as a place to train to get your security qualifications. Though, the price is a bit on the high end, it was also worth it.

ianlacey July 12, 2012
I took part in the three day Door Supervisors course. The structure of the course was well laid out, our instructor (Ramy) was open to all questions, and helped us along at every stage of the course. He was also truthful and with his years of experience insightful. I feel that the course had enough breaks, and worked at an acceptable pace. The Physical Intervention was also top notch. I feel confident at the end of the Door Supervisor training course to be able to work within the security industry. 

Axel39 July 12, 2012
Thought the door supervision course was great, regular breaks and enjoyment throughout the course. Abbas was fantastic as a teacher and taught me some great stuff. You really get a feel of what it is like by listening to him. Ramy was also great for the advanced PI and Handcuff course, cheerful guy with a lot to teach. You can tell he's serious about what he does and is a very effective teacher. Lots of enjoyment with lots of learning, i hope i pass my DS license. Thanks Abbas and Ramy !

BIG-JAY45 July 06, 2012
I've just completed my door supervisor course and awaiting results at Ilford Chadwell Heath. I found the course to be very informative, professional and Instructor salman was brilliant very professional, and help full. I would highly recommend this Door Supervisor training at Get Licensed to all of my friends, it definitely worths 5 stars. 

Ismetk July 06, 2012
I found the course to be very interesting and informative. The instructors were amazing, very easy to understand, and knowledgable on all questions they were asked. The facilities were also very good, all up to date equipment, very comfortable learning area. I would recommend this course and get licences to anyone looking to go into the security industry.

tgmgng July 03, 2012
Did my Door Supervisor training in Birmingham. A fantastic group training, and a fantastic training team, a very high level of the course, the knowledge given in a very simple and understandable for everyone. I enthusiastically recommend this course.

Atommo83 July 02, 2012
I booked for my Door Supervisor course late December. Highlight was the last day when another trainer came in to do the PI section of the course with Chris and presented it very well. The methods of using the different holds and how to handle certain situations was fantastic. I would recommend Get Licensed to anyone that is wanting to book their Door Supervisor course. I can't comment for the other courses as all I did was my DS and First aid and Physical Intervention courses but on a whole it was a great course. 

paget77 June 28, 2012
After working within the security industry for many years, and previously holding an SIA license, my new employer wanted me to be Door Supervised trained so I chose "Get Licensed". What you will get firstly is superb value for money and top class training, my trainer was first class. It's a very intensive 3 day course, but what you put in you will get out in way of your license! I have to also say its the best security course I have been on and with over 12 years working within security I have done my fair share of courses and can honestly say this is the best. I chose the optional extras as I decided during day 2 of my course I wanted to invest more in myself and reach jobs that may be otherwise off target without these added but very important courses which you pay for individually. If you want a profession with Security then all I would say is forget all the small mickey mouse companies offering the course and then offering you the world afterwards and not delivering , and spend your money wisely.

rickylong June 22, 2012

I did the get Licenced door supervisors course at queens hotel Pompey the instructor Ramy was top class I found the course informative practical and written I actually flew through exams because once faced with questions no surprises we covered everything Would highly recommend to friends in fact I have advised two friends to do already Hopefully they will get Ramy if your lucky enough to get this guy training you don't waste it this guy inspires confidence is a total professional and the guy has a great humorous approach. thanks Ramy I sailed through exams results in three week badge application sent Plus like to add thanks to Ramys going over sia licence application no mistakes complete breeze Licenced approved in less than a month Want a licence use get Licenced 

sajjadh1967 June 20, 2012
Completed Door Supervisor course at Liecester. Instructor Matthew was brilliant. He gave examples from the real life incidents which proved to be more effictive and interesting then the actual course material. His knowledge, experience, skills, interest and commitment were above the sky. I would recommend to all my friends to book the course to have the oppertunity to get trained by Matthew as he make the learning enjoyable and fun along the course duration

mradza June 19, 2012
I took Door Supervisor Course in Leeds. I really enjoyed the course. The teacher delivered the course information in the most professional way that possible. As I am not British so for me was very important that tutor was speaking in clearly understandable English Language. The course was useful and I would everyone recommend to take this course.

AJ90 June 18, 2012
The Door Supervisor training content was well covered so despite knowing very little before hand I felt prepared for the exam and confident I had done well afterwards.
Anthony the trainer was really easy to get on with and made each day enjoyable as were the other two trainers that arrived on the last day for the physical intervention. Being 5'4 and female I was worried about being competent in the physical intervention but all the techniques were easy to pick up and size really doesn't matter! 
The location was ideal with loads of places to get coffee and food within the break times, even on the Sunday.
I enjoyed this Door Supervisor training course so much I have booked in to do another in a months time.
Highly recommend to anyone considering getting their badge, about £20 cheaper then some of the other companies offering the same course so definitely a good choice ! 

gentlemanjim June 17, 2012
I attended the Door Supervisor course at Manchester , it was great. I was sad when it came to an end. Marcus, the tutor, was fantastic. Down to earth, he was so helpful, and left no stone unturned. I was a bit nervous on joining the course, but it was that good that i immediately booked the CCTV course. Thanks Marcus , you are doing a great job. jimmy

bbbj May 12, 2012
I was on the door supervisor course a few weks ago at chadwell heath. Our trainer was an absolutely brilliant tutor, he mad an 8 hour day feel like a 4 hour day. Brilliant quality of training very clever and good sence of humour the venue was a 5 min drive from my house so couldnt ask for any more A******

howieow May 11, 2012
First of all I must begin with how pleasantly surprised I was with the SIA door supervisor course I attended. The course was very interesting and very informative, it has changed my perception of people working in the security industry and dispelled quite a few stereotypes. Our tutor delivered the course in a unique and charismatic style, however still delivering the key and important attributes you need to work in the industry. At first glance the hours of training appear daunting, but the time is needed to cover very important areas of security, and learning conflict management is good as it can apply to many other working situations. Well done Get Licensed!

Abdulg May 04, 2012
I had door supervisor training course in April. Anthony made it so good that I was amazed that he delivered training in a professional way. Anthony is I think one of the top quality trainer. He managed 3 days beautifully. His sense of humor was astonishing and so enjoying. Subsequently I’m taking CCTV course soon, & I hope it will be more enjoying as well.
I am giving 5 stars rating for the training that I gained.

M6aeu April 25, 2012
I came across get licensed by simply typing in ‘get an SIA card’ and I’m so pleased I did. The venue was pot on, just outside of Nottingham city centre and easy for the Vic centre bus station.
I’m going to get this out of the way, refreshments are not always supplied! Do not let this minuscule detail get in the way of what is otherwise the perfect course for new entrant to the job. Get in good with the instructor and bring a jar of Nescaff with you on the 1st day and just get the hotel to keep bringing you hot water, actually after 24 hours of study in 2 days its quite funny :-)
Also, you will have to share the room with people from all sorts of backgrounds and this will include a few who might not speak English as well as you. If this is a real problem for you might I recommend ‘; ? They have a right to be there and if you cannot handle it then your not going to like security work. I only mention this because a number of reviewers seem to think they have more rights than others and that only people who speak the queens as a first language should sit these test. Remember, he can learn English, they’ll always be small minded bigots.
The structure is intense but no more than the job your training for. The instructors move at a pace but this is only a level 2 course so if you have studied for an NVQ in the past its like that only done in 30 hours instead of 30 weeks. My one piece of advice if your considering booking the SG course is to pay the additional £40 either before or on the day and upgrade to the DS course. You learn more and will get more job offers. I haven’t even had my result yet and already I have a job lined up 40 feet from my house.
The exams are not designed to trick you. Multiple choice exams are not there to filter out the 80% of people who deserve to pass they are there to get rid of the 20% that don’t. Give your instructor some breathing space when he or she is marking you PI paper as each of the questions is different on every paper! They will usually start marking these from the front so if your in a rush to get off Sunday night you know where to sit.
If your travelling from a distance of over 30 miles I strongly recommend stopping in the hotel or near by. The days are long and the last thing you need is a 1 hour drive either way. It may seem a waste of money but it will help you come exam day. Also the trainers stop at the venue so you may end up going for a beer or two after the training, I didn’t go as I was travelling from Derby each day but I’m told they tell some wicked war stories!
Would I use GL again? Yes, in fact I’m a few weeks off booking advanced PI and CCTV. They are a one stop shop for all SIA related training and support. Everything about them just seems polished compared to the other sites I visited before booking. Customer service struggle under the weight of inbound calls but only because instead of having 12 people waiting for your call they knock fifty quid off the cost of the course instead. If your like me, on JSA desperate for a job I’ll wait a few minutes longer to get through and keep my money.
I’ll also say something that I doubt any other reviewer will, and as mentioned I have yet to receive my result. If I fail this course it is no fault of GL or my trainer, it will be because I failed to understand something and didn’t put my hand up. Basically if I fail GL deserve another £40 off me (cost of a resit)
My 3 pieces of advice for anyone thinking about staring towards this career
1) Use GL for your training
2) Pay attention!
3) IF you fail don’t get disheartened and take it out on GL by writing some horrible review based solely on your mark. That’s worse than blaming your tools, it’s childish and drags down an otherwise great firm that works hard to help people like us get good jobs.
Thanks GL, first time I get my nose broke I’ll think of you :-)

olasupo April 24, 2012
I am very impressed about the Door supervisor course outline, and it cllearly touch all the
basis &teach about security, law, physical Intervention & most interesting the conflict management;
how someone can handle a confict without any physical harassment.
Thank you very much for the Get Licensed & their Team for making the course so
Am looking for my result in other to enable me enroll for my CCTV stage level.
once again thanks and for give me this opportunity.

sdefilippis April 24, 2012
i attended a door supervisor course in southall a month ago and was trained by abas. I was a bit fearful that it would get tedious but the trainer was amazing at keeping everyone focused and a lot of humour put into it and it made the time go so quick also the breaks were well spread out as well. to top it all off i passed as well which made it very worthwhile.

iain72 April 14, 2012
Attended the Door Supervisor course in MIlton Keynes as part of my resettlement from the Armed Forces. To be honest I was dreading the course as the chances were I would be the only military person there, and the subject would be dry and well to be honest like pulling teeth, as some of the subjects covered are taught to us every year.
Right from the start I noticed that I was wrong, the instructor Ramy was impressive and used all the correct tools as an instructor to get the subject across to the diverse group infront of him, excellent use of humour, personal experience and in a clear and precise manner.
The entire course gelled well and helped each other out, always hepls on a course to get the coursemanship going at the start. Only regret is that I had to dash off after the exam and didnt get a chance to swap details with a few of the other course members that are close to me.
All in all an excellent Door Supervisor training, everything covered really well, have already recommended to a few fellow service leavers who are considering this path.

bashy007 April 12, 2012
I attended the Door supervision training in Chadwell Heathway. The training was well structured and i was very impressed with the course outline cause i was not expecting the course content to be that extensive. The best aspect was our instructor, he really made the whole experience worthwhile, informative and very interesting. He was both knowledgeable and professional in his approach.

didierbert April 10, 2012
I attend a course for door supervisor in Brighton. It was just great from start to finish. the instructor matt was outstanding he showed that he does have experience to be an instructor. will definitely recomanded Get Licenced to anyone seeking traning in security industry and oh i got my result i passed!! :)

gludds March 28, 2012
I attended the S.I.A Door Supervisors course in Norwich by Get Licensed and under the tutorage of Tom Baird. In my 18 years in late night hospitality I have attended many courses & expected to be thoroughly bored, however due to Tom’s unorthodox training style I felt not only engaged but educated!
The content was made easy to understand and the inserted humour made it fun but was also tempered by the reality of security via tom relating sections of course to real life experience. Considering I have worked in an industry entwined with security I didn’t expect to learn much I had not already seen or done, I was very wrong not only did I learn a few things I never had considered I also came to reassess my own views on how to approach certain situations. the physical intervention & working within the security industry modules were particularly interesting, as was the first aid training.
I am now investigating the possibility of training to become a tutor myself and cannot praise Tom & Get license enough.

spiritdtr March 23, 2012
Hi, i attended a DS course in Peterborough so recent that i still don´t know my exam’s results but, i definitely recommend it to some one who want to do it because you will learn some stuff that only doing the course you will know it. The trainer was amazing, very friendly and with out a doubt the best we could get. Thank you very much for sending this trainer and thank you very much to him for making the course so enjoyable.
Ricardo G

toulousel... March 23, 2012
I am very impressed with Get Licensed’s Door Supervisor Course. Although the course was long, it was at no point boring thanks to our instructor. The course didn’t just teach about you about security, physical intervention and law. More importantly it taught me to become a better individual by teaching key skills about how my behaviour can help reduce risk in conflicts by assessing situations and providing appropriate solutions. Key skills such as communication. These key skills have not only taught me how to deal with situations as a door supervisor, but to become a better respectable person amongst family and friends.

jmizzle March 23, 2012
I initially paid for the Security Guard training course with Get Licensed, but while on the course I was offered to upgrade Door Supervisors Course and add First Aid training for a cut price, which was too good to turn down.
I enjoyed the whole experience, especially the teaching style. The teacher instructor combined humour with professionalism, it’s a shame I cant remember his name, think it was Tom… Well anyway he was very insightful and had some interesting stories to tell.
All an all it was good value for money and wouldn’t say no to doing another with them

Saunderson February 21, 2012
A few months ago I lost my job and decided to take my parents offer to help me re-qualify and approached Get-Licensed. I first did my Door Supervisor and First Aid qualifications with them and went onto finding a job at a local hotel so I don’t have to travel too much.
I only worked at the hotel for 3 months and saved some money, after which I did my PTLLS teacher training and CCTV qualifications which I booked with Get-Licensed.
I am indeed grateful to all the staff at Get-Licensed for motivating me so much, as now I work as a trainer for the hotel group nationally, advocating the same level of excellence and continuous professional development within the organization.

Samuel88 February 21, 2012
I found a job as Door Supervisor and had to attend a course which I booked through Get-Licensed in Glasgow. The course was excellent, although the days were long as we had a busy schedule. The teacher did a great job of mixing practical scenarios with among all the theory and was quite an interesting person with lot’s of real life experience and life skills – just right for the audience. I heard before that SIA training can be quite long winded and not interesting, but everyone in the class seemed really happy and left in a positive tone. We’ll definitely visit the Glasgow center again to attend CCTV training, hope we’ll pass the exams.

Alfred09 February 21, 2012
Two of us were sent by our company to attend training in Newcastle. Whilst the venue was great and offered us a warm reception, everything in line with what we were promised, the trainer was also excellent at taking some of the most dry and boring subjects such as health and safety and turn them into something more exciting by using videos and real life examples. Trainer had a great sense of humor and engaged the class well. Although our company sent us there to get training as security guards, he helped us to upgrade our qualification to include Door Supervision and Physical Intervention. This was very useful indeed, as the trainer himself is ex-police and helped us gain so much more understanding on how to deal with instances that require a higher level of skills. Thanks to everyone who made the Door Supervisor course a success.

chyke February 15, 2012
This is the best training i have ever had, everything was well organised,the trainers did a very good job.At the end of the training you will surely come out better and well informed.
I feel more confident and better equipped with wonderful skills.
Thanks a lot am proud i did the courses,(Door Supervisor and CCTV)
from Chijioke

blf1 January 17, 2012
The SIA course that was run in nottingham was a great course, the instructors were very helpful and explained the course content very clearly. The rest of the student on the course were all like me and retraining for a new job in the security industry and had a good time as both the students and instructors were very friendly. There was a lot to cover in the course which was done with powerpoint and videos and was as relaxed as much as possible, the best bit for me though was the Physical Intervention on the last day which was a real eyeopener on how to do things the right way. after that it was the exams which were based on what you had learned through the course. All in all a great course run by a professional organisation and one which i willl be using again to do my Physical Intervention Level 3.

seanuk January 04, 2012
I’ve booked all my courses with Get Licensed my Door supervisor,CCTV,Advanced p.i and handcuffing course. The course tutors are very helpful and experienced .I found a job as soon as i got my DS license and so did other people who was on the same course with me I know a lot of people who have gone with other training firms and really struggled to get a job after. I am looking at doing other courses with Get Licensed and would say to anyone who is thinking about doing security training to go with Get Licensed

rorypenman January 03, 2012
I attended a top rate door supervisor level 2 training course which I booked through Get Licensed. I was very pleased with the professionalism of the team of trainers provided, along with their own unique teaching style which gave the course more depth and diversity. All 3 trainers we got to meet were very approachable and helped out with all manner of questions, even those which some would deem ‘stupid’ questions. They then gave guidance about filling out the SIA License application form, and offered individual advice with regards to different aspects of the form. The follow up service given by Get Licensed after the course was also fantastic, I was kept up to date with when my results were ready and how to access them. I felt like a valued customer and not just another punter. Brilliant experience, would highly recommend to anyone considering training for any area of the Security Industry.

Sandan January 03, 2012
Happy New Year. I attended the Door Supervisors course in Leeds at the beginning of December 2011 and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.
The instructors were excellent instructors and their knowledge was in depth, up to date and totally relevant.
Both had a depth of knowledge I’ve not seen before and the way they captivised the class was admirable.
Marcus has a very experienced and practicle way of teaching the Physical Intervention side which was easy to follow and has stuck in my mind.
Thank you for an excellent course and I would definately recommend it to everyone.
Kind regards

Door Supervisor Training Centres

Aylesbury Vale Multicultural Centre, Friarscroft Way, Aylesbury, Bucks,HP20 2TE

Townsend Enterprise Park, 28 Townsend Street, Belfast BT13 2ES

Suite No: 111-116, Sheldon Chambers, 2235/2243 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham. B26 3NW.

Russell Court Hotel, Bath Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH1 2EP

The Old Ship Hotel, 31 to 38 Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1NR

43 Ducie Road, Barton Hill, BRISTOL, BS5 0AX

The Sandringham Hotel, 21 St Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1PL

Anglia Ruskin University, Bishop Hall Ln, Chelmsford, CM1 1SQ

Holiday Inn Chester, The Racecourse, New Crane St, Chester, CH1 2LY

Novotel Edinburgh Centre, 80 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9DE

Glasgow Marriot Hotel, 500 Argyle St, Glasgow, G3 8RR

Holiday Inn, Egerton Rd, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XZ

Malmarc House, 116 Dewsbury Road, Leeds, LS11 6XD

The Stoneycroft Hotel5/7 Elmfield AvenueStoneygateLeicesterLE2 1RB

Holiday Inn, Brayford Wharf N, Lincoln LN1 1YW

JURYS INN, 31 Keel Wharf, Liverpool, L3 4FN

London College of Scholars, 114-115 Tottenham Court Road, Midford Pl, London, W1T 5AH

Elizabeth House, 9 Tower Building, 5th Floor, SE1 7NQ

Acts House, 30 Union Road, Croydon, CR0 2XU

223 Marsh Wall, Snowdon House, Second Floor, London, E14 9FJ

St Thomas More Parish Hall,9 Henry Road, Manor House, London, N4 2LH

Basement of Lala Restaurant, 2-4 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, W6 9DX

Thistle London Heathrow, Bath Road, Longford, West Drayton, UB7 0EQ

Best Western Greater London, 60 Cranbrook Road, IG1 4NH

All Saints Community Centre, New Cross Gate, Monson Road, London, SE14 5DJ

223 Marsh Wall, Snowdon House, Second Floor, London, E14 9FJ

223 Marsh Wall, Snowdon House, Second Floor, London, E14 9FJ

Cypriot Community Centre, Earlham Grove, London. N22 5HJ

Holiday Inn Express, 2 Percival Way, Luton, LU2 9GP

Evolution Training, 1 Chancel Place, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WB

Hilton Hotel - Timbold Drive, Kents Hill Park, Milton Keynes, MK7 6HL

The Lancastrian Suite,Lancaster Road, Dunston, Gateshead, NE11 9JR

Holiday Inn Norwich City,Carrow Rd,Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 1HU

Britannia Hotel, 1 St Jamess St, Nottingham, NG1 6BN

The Newark Hotel, 239-241 Eastfield Rd, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE1 4BH

Invicta Hotel, 11-12 Osborne Place, Lockyer St, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2PU

Holiday Inn Pembroke Rd, Portsmouth PO1 2TA

Holiday Inn, 500 Basingstoke Road, Reading, RG2 0SL

The Hubs 6, Paternoster Row, Sheffield Hallam University, S1 2QQ

Holiday Inn Express SloughMill StSlough SL2 5DD