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SIA Licence Application

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After successfully passing the relevant SIA Training course with our training provider you may apply for the SIA Licence, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have satisfied the training requirement - you will not be granted a licence unless you do so.

The following SIA training activities are licensable:

It normally takes around six weeks for each application to be processed; this time starts from when a correctly completed SIA licence application form is received (when SIA receives a correctly-completed application, they will write to the candidate in order to confirm).

It usually takes one to two working days for a correctly completed application to be checked and scanned on to the SIA's system. Because of the high volume of applications being received this process can take approximately five working days. Complex applications (for example, applications subject to Criminal Records Bureau or qualification enquiries and those requiring overseas criminality checks) may take longer than six weeks to process.

A decision will then be reached on whether to issue a licence. They write explaining their decision and, if successfully granted, a licence will be issued to cover you for a period of three years.

WARNING: It is a legal requirement for anyone working in the United Kingdom security industry to have the necessary training and qualification, accredited by the Security Industry Authority. To practice in the industry without a valid SIA Licence is a criminal offence, which means you could be fined and even put in prison.

SIA takes allegations of training malpractice very seriously indeed and takes prompt action to suspend licences after receiving information from any awarding body. Training is an essential part of the licensing process, ensuring that all those working in the security industry are properly equipped to carry out their role. Any person found to have been complicit in malpractice will have their licence revoked. If you suspect any malpractice with your training provider, please report to us immediately.

SIA Application Process

sia licence application 


SIA Licence withdrawal or suspension

SIA can withdraw or suspend your licence at any time if you fail to meet the licensing requirements.

Documents required for SIA Licence application

When you send the SIA, your application form you will also need to send certain supporting documentation.

Click here to view SIA's checklist for details on what is required.The cost of applying for SIA licence is £220.

To learn more about SIA licensing criteria click here.

Applying for SIA licence

From 24th March 2014, The SIA will no loner accept paper based SIA Applications.

New SIA Licence Applications:

If you are applying for an SIA Licence for the first time, please use the form on SIA website, once the form is submitted you can take your identity documents to one of 750 post offices to complete the application.

The post office will:

  • Check your application
  • Verify and return your documents,
  • Capture a digital photograph with an electronic signature
  • Process the payment.

The post office will forward the verified application to the SIA to complete.

The service with the Post Office makes application process economical and convenient; most applicants will no longer need to post valuable documents and supply a photograph, saving them extra money.

Renewing your SIA Licence

If you are renewing your SIA Licence please use the SIA’s telephone service.

Apply for SIA Licence

Fill your SIA Licence application online

SIA have now launced in e-Fill SIA Licence service, you can use this service to fill the application form online

How can we help you obtain an SIA Licence?

One out of every ten SIA Licence application is returned due to incorrectly completed SIA Licence application form. If you have completed your sia licence training course with Get Licensed's listed training providers, our dedicated in house SIA licencing consultant will provide you with one to one advice and guidance to apply for your SIA Licence.

We also help security companies and employment led funding oragnisations by providing them a one stop solution from delivering quality sia training to managing bulk sia licence applications.

If you are an individual looking to get an SIA Licence, an employer looking for quality SIA training or a government funded oragnisation looking get your clients trained and become more employable, Call Get Licensed on 0207 078 7259 and let us guide you in the right direction.

“I managed to find an SIA training centre that was really convenient for me to get to and within a couple of weeks I was being trained. Get Licensed were brilliant, they even helped me make sure I filled out the application form for my SIA License correctly.” - M Williams Birmingham.

SIA Security Jobs after you get licensed?

You can work as soon as you receive an acknowledgement letter from the SIA, which can take 2 weeks following your SIA license application. However not all Security companies will accept SIA reply letters acknowledging your SIA license application.

After getting licensed, you can easily look for a well paid job in the security industry which is most suitable for your qualification.

See more Security jobs and their benefits at:

SIA License Ratings & Reviews
Average Rating: (5/5) - Total Reviews: 57

Ashleehill April 05,2013
Never thought that as a female I would enjoy a security training - But seriously was proved wrong last week. Very Informative and enjoyable training, I don't even know how and when the four days ended. Already recommended my friends to book a course and got it discounted too :D 
Scottie February 21,2013

Rossskehan January 06,2013
Booked my training; then original date was rescheduled but was informed beforehand. Disappointed but after training, it was worth the wait. I passed my exams first time. The customer service was very good, I got phone calls, text messages and email with all the course info before the day. Very helpful.

Mafmaf January 04,2013
I signed up with Get Licensed based on recommendation from a friend in the industry. He told me that I will get my money's worth and that I will pass the SIA license exams first time because of the quality of training. He was right on both. Get Licensed will defnitely be recommended by me.

Thaman December 11,2012
The venue was comfortable for the number of attendees, there was enough room for everybody to move around however the parking sucks big time. It was expensive.

Our trainer was really helpful and very accommodating. He answered every question that we raised and gave clear instructions. He even shared with us a handful of experiences that gave us a better picture of what it IS REALLY LIKE to be a door supervisor.

Not the cheapest but I don't think it's that bad. I mean, compared to other companies who offer the same training, I believe that Get Licensed does not offer their prices too low or too high. But when you consider the great experiences that you get from the DS Course, you can say that their price is cheap!

Results - it took 2 weeks to get the results. But heck, who cares ? As long as I pass it, I don't care if it takes a month! (but not more than that).

Recommendations - overall great experience but perhaps you can start hiring more people to answer your phone. Didn't like waiting on hold.

LeslieR December 06,2012
I was the only female in the class so I was unsure about how the training would go. As soon as our instructor started the training, I immediately felt accommodated and the other guys in the class all turned out to be awesome! The instructor was very supportive and helped me with courses that I find difficulty with (particularly physical intervention). Just waiting for my results and hopefully I'll be applying for my licence soon. Get Licensed will definitely get recommended by me.

Robthedude December 02,2012
I'd definitely recommend Get Licensed. I really enjoyed my training, learned a lot and passed first time. I've now applied for my licence and I already have a job lined up. Brilliant!

Benzah November 21,2012
As far as I can recall my first experience with get-licensed was excellent and very informative ! But a month back I got a call informing me that I have to go though 1 day training again or SIA will cancel my license. I was really upset but after meeting my trainer and going though the retraining, honestly it was good to go though it again. It was more of a 'refresher course' for me plus better when its free ! Cheers !

Thisisaus November 02,2012
I did my course with James. I absolutely enjoyed it especially the last day of the course which is the physical action day. I am highly satisfied having passed all the exams.

Silenceof October 25,2012
I really enjoyed the course with Tom in Chelmsford. I got an email confirming I have passed this morning so very joyful. I have a job ready for me in Basildon once I get my licence so I am glad everything went well. Thanks to the staff at get licensed and once again many thanks to Tom.

Red Eye November 18,2012
Got a call from get licensed this morning regarding a re-training course for free. The lady over the phone explained it to me that the training provider I was booked with had made an error and I was required to come for a free re-training for 1 day. I now work as a construction worker and thus declined the offer but thumbs up to them for offering me a free course after 2 years of my original course. I was pleased to know that my training was insured by get licensed but sadly I can't join the free course as I don't require it anymore :(

JJConnor October 17,2012
Attended London course and really enjoyed the training although the days were long and they are pretty serious about being on time - One guy got kicked off the course for showing up an hour late. The trainer was awesome, heaps of experience and kept it entertaining. I passed my exam first time and so did the 2 guys I did the course with. Got my results within 5 days. Will definitely be back to do my advanced physical intervention once I have the cash.

Philipell September 27,2012
Booked my course thru get licensed highly recommend them great training. Very in-depth and swift customer service

McNamara September 04,2012
I booked the full CSP package with Get Licensed. All ready done the two courses Door Supervisor and CCTV. So far so good. I passed both was a walk in the park. Going on the next exciting handcuffing course.
Over all I had a good time with the trainers each time I have attended. They are quite speedy with the reply over emails plus I dont like waiting on the phone.

Bjackson August 28,2012
Booked online, paid online, went on the course superb instructor, got my results. No complaints

AmarSingh August 22,2012
Just here to say thanks to Aiyehsa for her training at Jurys Inn Birmingham. Had a wonderful weekend with the rest of the boys. hopefully I'll pass.

DaveP August 21,2012
I had a great experience with Get Licensed. Ill cover off the key parts separately -

Booking process - I booked via the website, great site, easy to use, plenty of useful info. Paid at time of booking and got a nice discount. Received text and email confirmation of booking with full instructions about the venue, times, training provider, ID requirements, etc. Very thorough and very professional.

Training Course - The course was superb. Awesome trainer who definitely knew his stuff, plenty of real world stories kept us all glued. The days are long but I wanted to take as little time off work as possible so the 3 day course suited me. Breaks are quite short too which can make the day tiring. Trainer explained that its because they have to cover minimum hours that the breaks are short and planned strictly. Overall, the 3 days were brilliant, felt like I learnt heaps and got to practice the physical intervention till I was comfortable with the techniques. The only issue was that the parking at the venue was quite expensive.

After care - I got a call from a guy 11 days after my course finished to say that I had passed and that my results could be viewed on the website. He was helpful, explained that I didnt need to wait for my certificate before applying for my SIA license.

Overall, very happy with the service. I never needed to call them so cant comment on the wait times. Sounds like that might be an issue but one I never had to worry about.

Ive never written a review online before but after reading some of the other (mixed) reviews here I thought I should share my experience.

GemmaJewls August 21,2012
I was the only female on the course last week but the trainer didn't make me feel awkward. He was very accommodating. I missed the V-festival but this course was definitely fun. I really enjoyed it and made loads of new friends.

GemmaJewls August 21,2012
I was the only female on last course but the trainer didn't make me feel awkward. He was very accommodating. I missed the V-festival but this course was definitely fun. I really enjoyed it and made loads of new friends.

BigBertie August 18,2012
Same as MiekeReggy I wanted to wait for my results before writing a review. Got my results earlier than expected and passed so have applied for license straight away. The course I went on was fantastic. The trainer had loads of experience of the industry and made the training better with his own stories and examples which really helped. I booked with Get Licensed because they seem like a big professional company unlike some of the other ones I looked at. The training and service was everything I expected. Very professional and good customer service. I would recommend Get Licensed to anyone who is serious about getting the best training.

Georgiezzz August 17,2012
I paid 150 (the sterling) for a course but they gave me a further discount of 30 because the course was full and they had to reschedule me to the next one. I attended the course a week later but got it for 120 and I wasn't expecting much but it was rather enjoyable especially for the money I paid. Tom is probably the most hilarious person I have ever met. The exams were a walk in the park for someone like me (university graduate). They also gave me like a 70 discount on a Handcuffing Training course. The only thing I disliked was the price of parking. I paid 7/day for parking.

MikeReggy August 15,2012
Just got my results on time and passed all 4 units! Wanted to wait till I got my results before posting a review in case they were late but my results came through in 12 days which is faster than the 14 days I was told originally. The course itself was brilliant. Great trainer, knew his stuff and kept it enjoyable the whole time. The days are long with lots to cover but the trainer kept everyone's attention. I got a text and an email when my results were ready and was able to view them on the website straight away. Sounds like other people have had different experiences but I can't say a bad word about Get Licensed and would definitely recommend them for SIA license training.

Stmatthew August 16,2012
Booked my course with get licensed then I read qype and got a bit scared of the comments and thought my money was gone. None of that happened and I just got my results. Special thanks to Tom for the enjoyable 3 days of training.

Jking August 15,2012
After my comment I was contacted by a member of their staff. I was given my result and the reason why it took time to update them. I really appreciate the professional manner of the gentleman who called me I have forgotten his name. He told me that due to one of their training partner's beef with an awarding body HSBC my results got caught up in the delay. Because of this their phone lines jammed due to the number of calls which was my complaint that the phone wouldn't be answered. They are contacting all candidates daily with the results now.

He also explained how competitors are using this temporary glitch and dis-reputing GET LICENCED. I would recommend them anytime for the training I received from Abbas (the trainer). The only reason im giving them a 4 star is because of the long waits on the phone

Cleasamoah August 03,2012
As a matter of fact, every bit of the training process; venue, technique of instruction, item 13, career advice was superb. Just superb and I keep telling my friends about my wonderful experience.

Ahassan August 02,2012
It was an enjoyable experience with a professional trainer with an enjoyable venue and I recommend it to all my friends

Shaolinbr August 02,2012
Dennis. First off, it was the first course I had ever been to where refreshments such as water, coffee, biscuits and the like were afforded the attendees. For this, I am very grateful. The course itself ran very smoothly. The lectures accompanied by the CD slide, a copy of which was given to us for keeps again thanks, was extremely professional, eloquent and packed full of information one can take with them, apply both in and out of the security sector and utilise personally. If I were to summarise the experience as a whole in a word it would be entertaining.

RYANlicio August 02,2012
the course itself was fantastic i enjoyed every aspect chris was fantastic and had a wide knowledge of industry and had first hand experience which gave it that much more in depth feel to bad its taking ages for the results to come through it's very frustrating waiting on the results ....

Jesterooopw August 02,2012
To further my previous comments, it would appear I was not given all the facts in my initial phone conversation.

I have just had a very pleasent phonecall from Get Licenced and have had the full situation explained.

They have not been suspended or had thier accreditaion removed, basically due to the awarding body dragging thier heels due to 1 complaint recieved it was Get Licenced who decieded that: as they didn't know when the awarding body were going to release the details, to instead re examine people at cost to them in order to speed up the process of them getting thier results.

The impression I got during the phone call is that they really are doing things as fast as they can however they have been caught ""unaware"" and had lessons to learn.

Overall in the end I feel myself and the others on this forum have been caught at the worst possible time but that this is NOT the usual level of service.

I should also mention that it was the Director who called me to explain the situation, so I would say that counts as taking this whole situation very seriously, it takes some backbone to face the mob and admit mistakes were made.... but then I guess thats kind of what I'm doing as I had jumped the gun based on one ill informed phonecall.

Beni July 27,2012
Abbas is really good trainier, he captured everyone's attention - simply wasn't boring at all. Great knowledge great way of passing on students.
The only downside was opening the centre. Second day we had to wait over an hour to get in as whoever had keys didn't arrive.

Cavedog July 26,2012
I did the door supervisor course at Nottingham, Abbas was never boring great sense of humour, a good cross section of candidates, the venue was clean. The course was entertaining and easy to understand, I can`t see how anyone can fail. Thanks

Fernandoc July 24,2012
Without doubt you will not be disappointed. GET LICENSED have tutors of high quality are very well organized. Definitely get your moneys worth and more.

Dawoodr July 24,2012
Alll in all it was a great experience, the first day, and you know from the moment you have woken up that you have to be in one place and stay there for twelve hours regardless was nerve wrecking, saying that the trainer salman shah made the 12 hours seem rather easy to pass by, talking, interacting, question answers and most of all the even amount of breaks made it easier to spend the twelve hours. day two seemed to have gone by faster due to the layout of the course and the interaction of the lecture, because we know we doing something makes the time faster, and the trainer bearing that in mind always kept us motivated and kept us constantly doing something whether it was question and answers or group work, he knew that the trainees would not be able to just sit in one classroom and understand the lecture by just him talking so saying that his interaction skills were really good. day three well its exam day, starting off the day with the practicals was a good idea too it did not make the day seem like a exam day just another casual learning day. the trainer was good because he does this in a strange way with a passion and his level of knowledge gives him his good performance. overall this was the best training experience in my entire 22 years on this planet. thank you get registered.

Chodonu July 23,2012
I am very please to be called to ask about feed back about the course,Honestly the course was very fantastic and my instructor name is  Anthony  he was very brilliant excellent teacher and his empowerment is very amazing to know how experience he is in the security industry,that make me feel more relax throughout the course.In a future l am willing to do more course with Get-Licensed.l will definitely recommend Get-Licensed to any of my friends who want to get into security course

Breock July 23,2012
The course was very informative - but I have to say that the delivery of the course by bas was outstanding. Being an ex military man of 22 years, his teaching style and attitude was one of the finest I have encountered for which he is to be wholeheartedly commended for.
The course delivered everything I hoped for to apply the SIA license and would recommend Get Licensed courses to anyone who wishes to embark on a security career.
Cheers bas, hope to see you on another course sometime !

Nouraki July 18,2012
I recently attended a 36 hour door supervision course with GET LICENCED in croydon. Althought the course took place on a weekend for a period of 12 hours each day, I found the course very interesting and useful and i got a lot out of it. Experiencing a good introduction to the course, being in a friendly invironment, getting traind by an experienced instructor, receiving a good customer service are all charecteristics of a good training company such as GET LICENCED. The course started in time throughout the weekend, all the course related questions were answered properly, the exam was systematic and disciplined and overall I really enjoyed the course.
I am now waiting for my results and hopefully after I've passed the test will get a job as a door supervisor.

Andrubee July 14,2012
        andrew is my name and iwrite back to say the training iattended was very informative the trainer just got me in the best of mood he realy knows what he was doing on the course i would love to attend his next trainings at an advanced level. Get licensed gave me enough information on the website about the course and SIA license. Thanks

Lrainbow July 12,2012
This was The best, course I have ever done and I would recommend all people to use get licensed and it is not about them and all about you, loved it

JMS July 09,2012
Exemplary would best describe these courses. excellent tutors, excellent locations and practical equipment a brilliant professional learning environment. if your starting out in the security industry or just looking to further your licences get your self on a (GET LICENSED) course you wont be disappointed. 100% satisfied ( cheers Robert )

SShahid July 07,2012
I spent a very good weekend with get licensed team learning in a friendly environment. It was bit tiring at times but the tutors made it amusing by sharing there experiences they had while working in the industry. I have no doubt in accepting that i really have learnt quite a lot in three days. The slides and presentations were made to communicate in a very impressive way which helped learning. If i have spare cash and time in future i would definitely try and book myself for further SIA license training courses in future. I thank all the get licensed staff especially personal tutors for providing me such a positive and friendly learning environment. 

Steveybri July 07,2012
36 hours of work in 3 days sounds incredibly dawnting, but the folks at Get-Licensed made it easy, very enjoyable and informative. Applying and paying was easy, the tutors were fully informed about everything regarding my application making the admin and paperwork easy to manage. Into the course itself and I was so impressed with the content and tutors. They made all the content simple to follow and had plenty of stories to tell to make the content accessible. We had plenty of support for the exams and had plenty of advice and guidance regarding possible career moves and further courses which maybe relevant. Tom was my instructor, an ex royal marine with plenty of stories to tell, a brilliant guy who could teach anything and answer any question. Many thanks to him and Get-licensed for a great experience!! Stevey.rn

Mikevilla June 29,2012
I defo! recommend Get Licensed to any person wishing and wanting to apply for a SIA license and get into the security industry. I found the website easy to follow from start through to sitting my tests. My location was great in terms of food/drink shops and transport. When i was on the course i found my tutor to be very friendly and easy going from the start which helped me relax and settle right in. My tutor was very helpful and approachable with any questions and enquires which i had about security which i found very useful. My opinion on the price of my course would be between budget/average.

Xto June 22,2012

Sarahindi May 21,2012
It was very good. I attended at Hounslow and it was trained by Joy. Mr.Joy who was our tutor was an excellent coach.He teaches with a passion which is reflected on all his students including myself. He is one fellow who the whole class really respected. Mr. Joy gave us examples of real life situations which really helped to take the information in. He has a unique teaching style where everyone was able to interact and take part. The course material provided was good. I had such an enjoyable experience that  From the start, to the end of the course Mr. Joy motivated the whole team and helped those who were lagging behind get back on track. The notes which I took through the course were all relevant and helped make revision easier and make me feel more confident for a SIA license application. I would personally like to thank Mr. Joy  for organising three of the best days of my life. We sincerely appreciated his honesty and the care he took to get us to succeed.
My sincere appreciation to the whole Get Licenced team and AAB Training.
 Many thanks

Shakils April 27,2012
The whole course from start to finish was very enjoyable. Mr. Abbas who was our tutor was an excellent coach. If it was not for him, we would not have done so well. He teaches with a passion which is reflected on all his students including myself. He is one fellow who the whole class really respected. He gave us examples of real life situations which really helped to take the information in. He has a unique teaching style where everyone was able to interact and take part. The course material provided was good. I had such an enjoyable experience that I would consider teaching security courses and training in the future. From the start, to the end of the course the instructor motivated the whole team and helped those who were lagging behind get back on track. The notes which we took through the SIA license training course were all relevant and helped make revision easier. I would personally like to thank the instructors for organising three of the best days of my life. We sincerely appreciated his honesty and the care he took to get us to succeed. My sincere appreciation to the whole Get Licenced team and AAB Training. Many thanks.

Maeu April 25,2012
I came across get licensed by simply typing in 'get an SIA card' and I'm so pleased I did. The venue was pot on, just outside of Nottingham city centre and easy for the Vic centre bus station.

I'm going to get this out of the way, refreshments are not always supplied! Do not let this minuscule detail get in the way of what is otherwise the perfect course for new entrant to the job. Get in good with the instructor and bring a jar of Nescaff with you on the 1st day and just get the hotel to keep bringing you hot water, actually after 24 hours of study in 2 days its quite funny :-)

Also, you will have to share the room with people from all sorts of backgrounds and this will include a few who might not speak English as well as you. If this is a real problem for you might I recommend '; ? They have a right to be there and if you cannot handle it then your not going to like security work. I only mention this because a number of reviewers seem to think they have more rights than others and that only people who speak the queens as a first language should sit these test. Remember, he can learn English, they'll always be small minded bigots.

The structure is intense but no more than the job your training for. The instructors move at a pace but this is only a level 2 course so if you have studied for an NVQ in the past its like that only done in 30 hours instead of 30 weeks. My one piece of advice if your considering booking the SG course is to pay the additional 40 pound either before or on the day and upgrade to the DS course. You learn more and will get more job offers. I haven't even had my result yet and already I have a job lined up 40 feet from my house.

The exams are not designed to trick you. Multiple choice exams are not there to filter out the 80% of people who deserve to pass they are there to get rid of the 20% that don't. Give your instructor some breathing space when he or she is marking you PI paper as each of the questions is different on every paper! They will usually start marking these from the front so if your in a rush to get off Sunday night you know where to sit.

If your travelling from a distance of over 30 miles I strongly recommend stopping in the hotel or near by. The days are long and the last thing you need is a 1 hour drive either way. It may seem a waste of money but it will help you come exam day. Also the trainers stop at the venue so you may end up going for a beer or two after the training, I didn't go as I was travelling from Derby each day but I'm told they tell some wicked war stories!

Would I use GL for SIA license training again? Yes, in fact I'm a few weeks off booking advanced PI and CCTV. They are a one stop shop for all SIA related training and support. Everything about them just seems polished compared to the other sites I visited before booking. Customer service struggle under the weight of inbound calls but only because instead of having 12 people waiting for your call they knock fifty quid off the cost of the course instead. If your like me, on JSA desperate for a job I'll wait a few minutes longer to get through and keep my money.

I'll also say something that I doubt any other reviewer will, and as mentioned I have yet to receive my result. If I fail this course it is no fault of GL or my trainer, it will be because I failed to understand something and didn't put my hand up. Basically if I fail GL deserve another 40 pound off me (cost of a resit)

My 3 pieces of advice for anyone thinking about staring towards this career

1) Use GL for your SIA license training
2) Pay attention!
3) IF you fail don't get disheartened and take it out on GL by writing some horrible review based solely on your mark. That's worse than blaming your tools, it's childish and drags down an otherwise great firm that works hard to help people like us get good jobs.

Thanks GL, first time I get my nose broke I'll think of you :-)

ChrisGlo April 10,2012
I have attended the Get licensed course at Milton Keynes. I've never done a course like this before and was unsure of what to expect. Our tutor for the duration was Ramy - he was clear about what he expected from us and what we should expect from him. Pleased to say I passed so looks like he did a good job! Ramy was thorough and helpful, encouraged the group to ask questions, work together and most of all enjoy the course. For me this made it an easy environment to learn from and I'd recommend them to anyone.

Cmartin April 10,2012
The course I attended was a fantastic experience! Ramy, our trainer was excellent and put everyone at ease with his sense of humour. Not only did he teach us what we needed to learn through the course but he added bits and pieces of his own security experiences which gave us more of an insight of what to expect whilst actually working in security. I would be extremely interested in doing further courses with him.
Although there was alot of info to absorb and remember in three days the way the days were planned and set into modules made it alot easier. Ramy had us all working as a team very quickly and we all got to know each other within hours. I enjoyed the course and am looking forward to my new job, found it good value for money and a wonderful experience.

Samehassal April 02,2012
Tt was really good experience,every thing was briliant.only 12 hours aday is really long time for me ,i didnt have enough time to sleep or for revision so if you could make it 8 hours in 4 days will be perfect. thanks

Door Supe March 30,2012
Course was well structured and the training materials were provided. The venue was excellent and had plenty of room for both the classroom sessions and the conflict management/physical intervention training. The instructor was both knowledgeable and professional, had a good command of the class although was required to raise his voice on a number of occasions. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and believe I learned quickly and well. Now I am so confident to apply for the SIA license ahead.

Coly March 25,2012
I found the process of applying and paying for the SIA courses very easy and very flexible, even on the day upgrades very convenient.
The tutors are very experienced, friendly and very approachable.
The intensity of the courses do require patience and concentration but the tutors allow good breaks at the right times to allow the learning sink in.
In all I found the whole experience from booking process to training to exams to be fun, informative and a great introduction to the security industry.
Thank you Get Licenced.

Kellyrobe March 23,2012
I had an absolutely brilliant three days on this course, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about the security industry. Our trainer Tom was superb and very knowledgable and made the weekend enjoyable. I've just got my result and I passed so I thank get licensed and Tom, now I am so confident to apply for a SIA license!!!! I'm now going to further my knowledge with handcuff training to allow me to be more efficient in my role.
Highly recommended A*****

Andcoe February 16,2012
Ok, this SIA course had the potential to bore the living hell out of me, but it did NOT.. I believe this is because the course material was implemented well by the trainers Chris & Markus
I found the way Chris taught the sit down units (1,2,3) he did it in such a way he got your attention, and was able to explain in such away everyone understood. He is a credit to Get Licensed.
The E-learning was a fantastic way of getting a head start for the course, and the CD's given out with all the information taught on the course is a fantastic idea, i can use it to "refresh" on units which i believe i did not do so well at.
In short i would recommend ""get Licensed / AAB "" to anyone who is looking to gain there qualification in order to apply for your SIA Licence.

Believe me for the price, i am very doubtful you can be offered a better service!!!

Flaire February 06,2012
SIA license training course was great being very informative and with the instructor presenting, time didn't drag on too much. There was a lot of health & safety and laws to go through but if you missed anything you could always as the trainer, which was nice enough to go back so you could write it down.
But it is best to do some research before hand to be better pre paired.
That best thing about the course was the trainer mat, he made everyone feel welcome and got everyone involved.

I would recommend this course for someone interested in the industry and seeking a role with a SIA license.

Arargee January 17,2012
Although it was a classroom based course, It did feel like I was back in school with desk and chairs but the blackboard had been replaced by a video projector screen. Many people kept themselves to themselves for the first day. Everyone did get on. The SIA course covered all the aspects that were mentioned in the online info. The trainer we had certainly knew his stuff and you could see he had been there and done it, Im not saying he had bruises or cuts or a skinhead which is how most people describe security staff who work in clubs. No it was his physique well toned and definately looks like he can handle himself in a situation. He also emphasized that you do not need to be aggressive to resolve a situation, and simple talk and tone of voice was enough with gentle hand gestures can be enough to avoid conflict. But on occasions you may have to result to physical force, he taught us what was proportianate and how safely to carry out procedures. He taught us the basic first aid course which everyone should be taught whoever they are. His detailed advice and preparation for the exams was excellent. If I was to work as a door supervisor I would definately want him on my team, Or to be with us to advise for about week or two. There were 4 others who stood out were on the course who I would trust to work with me. The overall experience was good and I will be going back to get a few more courses & certificates soonrn

Paltrov May 05,2011
I have done not just one but a few SIA courses with Get Licensed. Luckily I had Ramy as the trainer both the times. Such professional chap with humor. Did not get bored at any point of the training. CCTV was a bit dull before but the DS course was amazing. Physical Intervention training is fun and I got a job some time after... I am working at the doors on weekends mostly had enjoy it. Thanks to get licensed for taking care of me and the SIA training..

If you dont want any problems and go for an authentic and decent reputable company.. go for get licensed.... 2 trainers i came across.. both were fantastic... my certificates took 18 days to come.. not bad at all.....

S. P

Wystan February 21,2011
A special thanks to Tom and Qaiser who got me started on my first two SIA license courses, you guys inspired me! This is a classic example of how HR departments backed by a good educational system can change the work environment and inspire ordinary people.

"In house" Training

Following an quality audit, our company had to send 5 of us back for re-training, as during our initial SIA training at work, a trainer simply gave us books to read and let us write and pass a test.

Mansoor at Get-Licensed did a training needs analysis with us and the manager and designed a pathway that included first aid, door supervision and CCTV training. Reluctantly we went for retraining, as the company paid for it - and I was pleasantly surprised at what we found on the courses. The trainers were passionate about our professional development and were all experienced in the field. Two of them were ex security managers so they had great insight into the topics they taught. I now realize that our responsibilities are quite significant and that there are various laws that places a high degree of duty on the employer and licensees to provide suitably trained staff.

It is clear that people who are properly trained by an external organization such as Get-Licensed will have a lot more to offer in the workplace than those who simply went through the motions, and are twice more likely to become managers.

If you are keen on keeping your job and bringing something of value to the workplace, Get-Licensed seem to have it all sorted - as special thanks to Ramy and Tom, the trainers!