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Basic Handcuff Training - Level 2

This course is suitable for individuals expected to use handcuffs as a form of restraint as part of their operational role. The aim of the course is to give positive guidance to staff regarding the use of handcuffs and serve as a reference for staff in justifying the use of handcuffs both in terms of policy (who and why do we handcuff) and technique (how do we handcuff).

This one-day course should be considered as a basic introduction to handcuffing and physical intervention and covers both practical handcuffing processes and procedures as well as the legal implications that must be considered when using handcuffs to restrain an individual.

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What is covered on this course? 

  • 1. Identification of handcuffs
    2. Loading of Handcuffs
    3. The Powers of arrest
    4. Applying Handcuffs
    5. Types of positions
    6. Handcuff - Passive
    7. Handcuff - Active
    8. Positional Asphyxia
    9. Excited Delirium

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • 1. Understand the primary reason for handcuffing.
    2. Understand the law, including compliance with:
    Section 3 (1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967,
    Common Law, Section 117 PACE and Articles 5, 3 and 2 of the Human Rights Act 1998.
    3. Understand the medical implications of handcuffing, including positional asphyxia.
    4. Demonstrate how to apply handcuffs to a passive subject.
    5. Demonstrate how to apply handcuffs to an aggressive subject.
    6. Demonstrate how to remove handcuffs correctly.

Is it legal requirement for security officers to use handcuffs?

Being in possession and using handcuffs for their ‘intended use’ is perfectly legal. In the eyes of the law, handcuffs are not a weapon nor are they prohibited in any way.

Many areas of the UK encourage the lawful use of handcuffs sanctioned by local police forces. In some cases, training is also provided by local law enforcement teams to ensure handcuffs are correctly used when necessary.

Handcuffing is regarded as a preferred way of restraining an individual, as opposed to group restraint tactics that can pose a threat to the welfare of the person being restrained, particularly positional asphyxia. When applying handcuffs, the subject should be sitting back on their feet and the restraints should be applied within 30 seconds. The suspect should only be placed in the recovery position as a last resort.

There are three main reasons for handcuffing as laid out by law and all Company Health and Safety Policies, SAFETY being the main component

  • 1. Safety of the public
    2. Your own safety
    3. The suspects safety

When should handcuffs be used?

  • 1. To prevent a violent offender from assaulting or injuring you or a member of the public.
    2. When you judge it necessary to prevent the offender's escape from the scene.
    3. During the transportation of the offender either by vehicle or during restrained escorting duties.
    4. As a prevention tactic to stop the offender from harming themselves, you or members of the public.

An Officer may employ the use of handcuffs on reasonable grounds when:

  • 1. The offender is likely to commit an act of violence against the arresting officer/s or bystanders.
    2. There are reasonable grounds to suspect that the offender is likely to escape custody.

The term 'Reasonable Grounds' is defined by the circumstances of individual cases applied as an objective rule based on the decision that the offender is likely to commit an act of violence or will attempt to escape. In the case of juveniles, women or the elderly the consideration of reasonable grounds and exceptional circumstances should be carefully applied.

The justified use of handcuffs is governed by Section 3 of the Criminal Law act. This clearly states:

  • A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in prevention of a crime, or in effecting or assisting in the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders or of persons unlawfully at large.

Common Law and use of Force

In the UK the use of force on an individual is considered unlawful unless the following circumstances prevail:

  • 1. It is an act of self defence
    2. To save a life
    3. Lawful arrest is the only option
    4. The prevention of a crime or further criminal acts
    5. Preventing an intended Breach of the Peace

Justified use of restraint

  • 1. Force used in any confrontation MUST be seen as REASONABLE based on the likelihood of the suspect's resistance.
    2. Other options to calm the situation have failed.
    3. When a potentially volatile situation provides no further option.

The course is assessed by a practical assessment.

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Handcuff Training Ratings & Reviews

Mafmaf04January 04,2013

one_star one_star one_star one_star one_star

I signed up with Get Licensed's handcuff training course based on recommendation from a friend in the industry. He told me that I will get my money's worth and that I will pass the exams first time because of the quality of training. He was right on both. Get Licensed will defnitely be recommended by me.

RobthedudeDecember 02,2012

one_star one_star one_star one_star

I’d definitely recommend Get Licensed. I really enjoyed my training, learned a lot and passed first time. I’ve now applied for my handcuff licence and I already have a job lined up. Brilliant!  

AmarSinghAugust 22,2012

one_star one_star one_star one_star

Just here to say thanks to Aiyehsa for her training at Jurys Inn Birmingham. Had a wonderful weekend with the rest of the boys. hopefully I'll pass.

GeorgiezzzAugust 17,2012

one_star one_star one_star one_star

I paid £150 for a course but they gave me a further discount of £30 because the course was full and they had to reschedule me to the next one. I attended the course a week later but got it for £120 and I wasn't expecting much but it was rather enjoyable especially for the money I paid. Tom is probably the most hilarious person I have ever met. The exams were a walk in the park for someone like me (university graduate). They also gave me like a £70 discount on a Handcuffing Training course. If you desire to receive a handcuff licence and qualify as a Handcuff Trainer, you will need to complete a Handcuff training - Level 3, that is an advanced course.  The only thing I disliked was the price of parking. I paid £7/day for parking.  

DawoodrJuly 24,2012

one_star one_star one_star one_star one_star

All in all it was a great experience, the first day, and you know from the moment you have woken up that you have to be in one place and stay there for twelve hours regardless was nerve wrecking, saying that the trainer salman shah made the 12 hours seem rather easy to pass by, talking, interacting, question answers and most of all the even amount of breaks made it easier to spend the twelve hours. day two seemed to have gone by faster due to the layout of the course and the interaction of the lecture, because we know we doing something makes the time faster, and the trainer bearing that in mind always kept us motivated and kept us constantly doing something whether it was question and answers or group work, he knew that the trainees would not be able to just sit in one classroom and understand the lecture by just him talking so saying that his interaction skills were really good. day three well its exam day, starting off the day with the practicals was a good idea too it did not make the day seem like a exam day just another casual learning day. the trainer was good because he does this in a strange way with a passion and his level of knowledge gives him his good performance. overall this was the best training experience in my entire 22 years on this planet. thank you get registered.  

BreockJuly 23,2012

one_star one_star one_star one_star one_star

The handcuff course was very informative - but I have to say that the delivery of the course by bas was outstanding. Being an ex military man of 22 years, his teaching style and attitude was one of the finest I have encountered for which he is to be wholeheartedly commended for. The course delivered everything I hoped for, and would recommend Get Licensed courses to anyone who wishes to embark on a security career. Cheers bas, hope to see you on another course sometime!  

ShakilsApril 27,2012

one_star one_star one_star one_star one_star

The whole handcuff course from start to finish was very enjoyable. Mr. Abbas who was our tutor was an excellent coach. If it was not for him, we would not have done so well. He teaches with a passion which is reflected on all his students including myself. He is one fellow who the whole class really respected. He gave us examples of real life situations which really helped to take the information in. He has a unique teaching style where everyone was able to interact and take part. The course material provided was good. I had such an enjoyable experience that I would consider teaching security courses and training in the future. From the start, to the end of the course the instructor motivated the whole team and helped those who were lagging behind get back on track. The notes which we took through the handcuff training were all relevant and helped make revision easier. I would personally like to thank the instructors for organising three of the best days of my life. We sincerely appreciated his honesty and the care he took to get us to succeed. My sincere appreciation to the whole Get Licenced team and AAB Training. Many thanks.  

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