Bingo Licence

You may think that’s it’s just double or nothing, but to operate a game of bingo on your premises you will need much more then just legs 11 and a little bit of luck, you will need a licence too. However, what licence you need is a question of, how big of a cash prize you are willing to offer.


Bingo Licence


Gambling Commission

VALID FOR 1 year
ELIGIBILITY 18+ years, right to work in UK

Documentation required

Business bank statements
Business plan
Credit report
Annual business reports
Copy of personal licence

Application for Bingo Licence

Applications to be made via Gambling Commission
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What is a bingo licence?

Everyone loves a game of bingo, but do you actually need a licence to run bingo competitions in your bar or pub? Well, yes, but not what you may be thinking.


We make getting your Bingo licence a simple, stress-free process


For premises with a personal licence, bingo can be offered as a form of entertainment on the premises, however, the games must be for adults only, and not be linked with games played on other premises.

The venue providing the bingo must not exceed the maximum of £2,000 per week in stakes and prizes. However, if you wish to exceed this amount in stakes and prizes, you will then need a Bingo Operating Licence.



What is a bingo operating licence?

A bingo operating licence is required when stakes and prizes exceed that of £2,000 per week.


REMEMBER – A bingo operating licence is only required if you are offering stakes and prizes that exceed £2,000 per week.



How to get a bingo operating licence

Bingo operating applications must be made via the Gambling Commission. You can find more information on bingo operating licences and how to apply for one on the Official Gambling Commission Website.



How to apply for a personal licence

To obtain a personal licence, applicants will first need to obtain a Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders qualification. This is the basic requirement for selling alcohol within a retail environment such as a bar, pub or restaurant.

Once you are certified by passing the course, you can apply for a personal licence via your local council.

Find the perfect Personal Licence training course in your area. Or, if you want to take an online version of the Personal Licence training at home, enroll on an e-learning course.  




Bingo is a traditional form of gambling that has seen considerable innovation in recent years. According to the Gambling Commission, there are two forms of bingo, cash, and prize. Cash bingo is where the stakes paid to make up the cash prizes that are won. Prize bingo is where various forms of prizes are won, not directly related to the stakes paid.
Games of bingo can only be provided on-premises with alcohol licences, or premises with a bingo operating licence.
The cost of a bingo operating licence will depend directly on how much the annual gross that gambling yields. To find out more about the cost of an operating licence, please visit the Official Gambling Commission Website.
No, but there are certain requirements that must be followed, including all money raised from the event must be donated and given to a good cause and not for personal gain. To find out more about fundraising with bingo, casino, poker or race nights, please visit the Official Gambling Commission Website.

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