SIA compliant Level 3 BTEC Close Protection Operations

The SIA compliant Level 3 BTEC Close Protection Operations course will offer delegates the chance to train in locations they will find themselves working in. The course focuses on the practical side of close protection while combining a number of courses into one. Delegates will get the chance to work with instructors who have extensive operational experience.

Course NAME

SIA compliant Level 3 BTEC Close Protection Operations

DURATION 14 days
FROM £1800
MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR Becoming SIA compliant Level 3 BTEC Close Protection Operations certificated

1 Composition of a CP Team, roles and responsibilities and dress, protocol, etiquette and ‘Soft Skills’

2 Operational situational awareness, threat, risk and principal profiling and operational planning

3 Residence, estate and venue security and effective communication and conflict management

4 Negotiation, reconnaissance and walking drills skills

5 Use of close protection vehicles, tactical driving (protective mobile skills) and vehicle embus / debus

6 Travel security management and physical and vehicle search

7 Basic surveillance skills and protective surveillance, counter surveillance / surveillance detection

8 Security advance party and personal escort section

9 Reaction to attack – foot and vehicle, reaction to Incidents – foot and vehicle and legal duties and responsibilities


Written theory test, practical skill assessment, ongoing formative assessment high Psychological profile test and Individual performance during realistic exercise scenarios

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What Is The SIA compliant Level 3 BTEC Close Protection Operations Course?

Behind every celebrity or public persona is a close protection officer ready to protect their client if an overzealous fan gets too out of control.

The SIA compliant Level 3 BTEC Close Protection Operations course is inclusive of all the SIA imposed minimum training core competencies but has been designed to include all operationally relevant training scenarios to cover planning, foot and mobile moves and contingencies. 

When designing the course, it was imperative that the locations selected developed the best learning opportunities for delegates and with this in mind delegates actually learn in the area they will work in such as Mayfair, Knightsbridge etc.

All the instructors involved in delivery on the course have extensive operational backgrounds and experience from the military and the police.

What Does The Course Include?

The SIA compliant Level 3 BTEC Close Protection Operations Course covers multiple scenarios with the delegate after completion being able to assess threats and risks then mitigate exposure of the Principal to those threats.

Also covered is leadership and decision making while developing a plan and delivering a professional and effective security operation which will allow the delegate to deliver continual and sustained professional protective security services and perform effectively within a team dynamic while also managing stress as a capable individual and as part of a cohesive team.

A close protection officer on duty and opening the door of a car for their client

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The SIA compliant Level 3 BTEC Close Protection Operations Course is modelled on a combination of the UK Police National Protection Officers Course, UKSF PS1/2 and the Royal Military Police Close Protection Course. Focus is very much on the practical application of skills required to function in first world benign environments.

A close protection officer (often called a bodyguard) is a type of security guard or government law enforcement officer or soldier who protects a person or people — usually high-ranking public officials or officers, wealthy people, and celebrities — from danger, including theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination and harassment.

The aim of the SIA compliant Level 3 BTEC Close Protection Operations Course is to teach delegates all of the fundamentals of professional Close Protection Tactics, Techniques and Procedures to a suitable professional level, within the commercial environment constraints.

The kind of assessments you can expect to cover during the level 3 BTEC Close Protection Operations Course include: Self-discipline (control) and physical and mental fitness while also covering situation/ special awareness and. self-confidence. Other assessments also include intelligence, stability and maturity, high factor of self-motivation (commitment) and the ability to think as an individual and act as a team member.

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