Christmas Lights Licence

Everyone loves seeing Christmas decorations during the festive season of the year, but if you want to hang up ornament and decorations in your town or village, you will need a Christmas Lights Licence.


Christmas Lights Licence


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What is a Christmas Lights Licence?

As is common tradition, festive lights and decorations are adorned around a town or village during Christmas.


We make having a christmas lights Licence licence a simple, stress-free process


Also referred to as merely seeking decorative lighting consent, this is a licence that authorises ornaments and lights to be hung over from a road, as well as from lamp posts and trees around the local community.


Why do I need a licence to hang Christmas lights?

Any attachment to a street light such as Christmas lights and decorations will affect the weight of the street light and the structural stability of the lighting unit. There is also health and safety regulations that need to be followed when hanging lights and decorations over a road to ensure the protection of residents and the public.


As such, anyone wishing to attach seasonal decorations to a street lighting column or across a road must seek decorative lighting consent and apply for a Christmas Lights Licence.


Remember – Applicants will need to ensure a risk assessment of the areas in which the decorations will be erected has been carried out before approval of licence application.



How to apply for a Christmas Lights Licence

An applicant must seek decorative lighting consent from their local council to erect ornaments and decorations from street lighting and over a road.


If you are a resident of Northern Ireland, you can apply for a Christmas Lights Licence via the Official UK Government Website.


It is recommended to give the local authority up to 4 weeks for an application to be processed. Applicants should look to apply for a Christmas Lights Licence between October and November to have the licence approved in time for December.
The duration of a Christmas Lights Licence will be determined by the local authority. In most instances, a Christmas Lights Licence will be for a specific period of time, not exceeding 3 months.
No. You do not need a Christmas Lights Licence for your house or property. A Christmas Lights Licence is only required if Christmas decorations will be erected from public lampposts and across a road.

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