Gaming Machines Licence

A gaming machine licence is required in premises and venues that provide amusements with prizes of money by way of machines, most commonly referred to as fruit machines and slot machines.


Gaming Machines Licence


Gambling Commission

COST £330
VALID FOR 1 year
ELIGIBILITY 18+ years, right to work in UK

Documentation Required for Gaming Machines Licence Application

Ownership structure diagram and management structure
Policies & procedures - LCCP
Customer terms & conditions
Rules of play
Bank statements for all account for last 6 months
Business plan
DBS disclosure certificate

Application for Gaming Machines Licence

Application fee
Annual fee
Applications to be made via Gambling Commission
Get Licenced

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What is a Gaming Machines Licence?

One of the commonest types of gambling in the UK is the use of gaming machines in non-gambling premises like pubs, bars and clubs.


We make getting your gaming machines licence a simple, stress-free process 


If you run a bingo hall, betting shop, adult gaming centre, family entertainment or any of the previously mentioned type of venues and you have a gambling premises licence, you can have gaming machines in your premises. This is in the form of a gaming machines licence.


What is a Gaming Machine?

Gaming machine are what you see in most pubs, arcades and casinos. Commonly referred to as fruit machines or slot machines, these gaming machines provide games of chance where the prizes awarded are in money or tokens that can be exchanged for money or prizes.

A gaming machines licence is not required where the machine in question is based only on a game of skill (e.g. quiz machines), or is an amusement only machine and in either case no money or token is paid out by the machine.


Are some premises exempt from a gaming machines licence?

Not all premises are entitled to apply for a gaming machines licence, this includes such premises as fast-food restaurants or minicab offices. This exemption from a gaming machines licence falls under the Gambling Act 2005, and therefore may not make gambling facilities (including gaming machines) available for use in these type premises.


How to apply for a Gaming Machines Licence

All Gaming Machines Licence applications should be made via the Gambling Commission. The Gambling Commission is an executive non-departmental public body of the Government of the United Kingdom responsible for regulating gambling and supervising gaming law in Great Britain.


Operating licence applications take around 16 weeks to process, providing full information is submitted. Applicants will be required to provide an up to date DBS disclosure certificate as part of the application.


Once you receive your gaming machine licence you should keep your licence in a safe place. Your licence will be required, for if a constable or enforcement officer asks to see it.
Your gaming machines licence will last indefinitely but you will need to pay an annual fee.
Your annual fee is due 30 days after we have issued your licence, and every year after that.
Yes. our licence can be revoked or suspended by the Gambling Commission, or if you choose to surrender it.

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