Rod Fishing Licence

Fishing can be a relaxing and leisurely pastime, but to reel and catch fish in parts of the UK, you will need a Rod Fishing Licence.


Rod Fishing Licence


Environment Agency (EA)

COST £54
VALID FOR 1 day, 8 days and 12 months

Trout, coarse fish and eel licence

1-day licence
8-day licence
12-month licence

Salmon and sea trout licence

1-day licence
8-day licence
12-month licence
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What is a rod fishing licence?

Everyone loves a spot of fishing, but to fish for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel in the UK you will need a rod fishing licence.


We make getting your Rob Fishing licence simple, stress-free process easy


Issued by the Environmental Agency (EA) the rod fishing licence legally entitles you to fish in ponds, lakes, and waterways in the UK. The type of fish and the number of fishing rods you intend to use will determine which rod fishing licence you require.


NOTE : Anglers must always carry their rod fishing licence when they are fishing or they could be prosecuted.



How to apply for a rod fishing licence

Rod fishing licence applications must be made via the Environmental Agency. You can find more information about the rod fishing licence and how to apply for one on the Official UK Government Website.




Various options are available depending on how frequently you intend to fish. You can buy a 1-day, 8-day or 12-month licence.
The funds from a rod fishing licence goes towards the environmental agency which then allows the agency to improve and preserve fishing spots. By purchasing a fishing licence, you are ensuring that ponds, lakes, and waterways in the UK are kept in the best condition possible.
There are expectations in which you will not need a rod fishing licence and which certain areas of the UK are exempt from a rod fishing licence, these areas include, the river tweed, wales and the border esk (and its tributaries in Scotland).
If you are caught without fishing without a rod fishing licence you could be prosecuted and receive a £2,500 fine.
Once issued by the Environmental Agency you can start fishing on any date as long as it’s within 60 days of the day you buy the licence.
To extend your rod fishing licence you will need to contact the Environment Agency. You can extend your licence to a 1-day or 8-day licence to a 12-month licence.
No. Children under 13 do not need a licence. Rod fishing licences for children aged between 13 and 16 are free.

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